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Friday, March 6, 2015


Happy Friday!
Linking up with the charming Kelly for 7 Quick Takes today.

1.) Baby Names. 
Even though we are still a couple months out from the baby coming, we haven't really talked about what to name BW3 other than that - Bill Williams the 3rd (funny how I didn't realize that Baby Williams 3/BW3 is the same as Bill Williams 3... I'm a little slow...).  
If we go that route, his name would not be Bill, Billy, Will, or William (although we like the name), but because we have WAY too many of them in the family already.  So it would be a nickname for the THIRD.  I guess you'll have to wait and see!

Yesterday someone told me his daughter just had her second son and named him Ambrose!  (Just like the new horse that's arriving in a month).  He said she had another son who's name is Blaise.  I about died!  Are those not the cutest?! Blaise and Brose (short for Ambrose).  I'm a sucker for SAINT names, that's for sure, but that combo is too great!  

Too bad Ambrose is taken by the horse! 

2.) It has been a pretty good transition into mom and dad's (with a lot of their help) the last two weeks and the girls are keeping busy with all the fun there is to be had here - 

Grandpa and the guitar.

On top of the creek! 
Making snow balls

This is before June gets tossed from dancing with Addie.  Who knew twirling could be dangerous... well it almost always is!

CUTE trouble.
Nighttime shoveling

And since mom and dad are in Arizona this week, aunt Katie is staying over.  We love having her around! 

The past few weeks have been so hectic that I'm pretty much like - 

But we gotta keep keeping on!  And I always remember how blessed we really are! 

Fortunately, I got to go to dinner with some girls on Saturday and it was a great break! 

Ummm don't judge.

5.)  Bill's been enjoying the operation training in Kenosha, but the driving and early mornings have been tough.  His first weekend home, he fell asleep at 8:29 PM both nights because he was so tired, poor guy! 

This is how I found him when I came home from girls' night... I understand the feeling!

June had her 1.5 year appointment a couple weeks ago and just in case you were worried, she isn't wasting away to nothing - 

She is still off the charts for weight and height just like her Boo (what she calls Addie Jo)! 

7.)  We hope to have an Open House the third weekend of March (when there's no snow and after the basement is cleared out) and see if we can't get this house sold!  

It's even our favorite house in the snow!

Tengan un buen fin de semana, todos!

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