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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Sea Salt Toddler Bedroom SOURCE LIST

I wanted to share our girls' bedroom SOURCE LIST after sharing some pictures of their room a couple of weeks ago.  I'm sure there will be many modifications and additions along the way, but for now, this is where I'm okay stopping... for now anyways, haha! 

I was so excited to put the girls' room together but not thrilled about how much I knew it was going to cost!

I pride myself on being a thrifty shopper, garage sale hunter, and "re-user" of things we already have around the house; but since we had a timeline of when we would be living in the house, I didn't have a lot of time to "collect" things for the girls' room before they had to sleep in there.  I didn't even have time to find two old twin bed frames to paint!  I was too busy with baby Trip and then trying to get the house livable in a few short months.  

A few of the items we did have or were thrifted or found at garage sales, but there were a lot of big ticket items we didn't have, like I said.  

I also wasn't able to use anything from their old bedroom because it was all the baby furniture that would go into Trip's room.  We were able to save on a couple of items, though - my parents gave us the headboards and Bill's mom gave us the antique brown dresser, which we are so thankful for - but we didn't have anything else!  So this room was like starting from scratch in a lot of ways.  

*Trip's room on the other hand, we only had to buy paint, sheets, curtains, and a light fixture; everything else we had!

I wanted the girls' room to be light and airy, simple and cozy, and I think that's how it turned out!  The room is 13'x14' and the paint color is Sherwin Williams Sea Salt
Check their room reveal post for other paint colors and to read how much I love Sea Salt.  Ha!

*Source links are listed at the bottom of post, as in addition to some throughout the post.*

Bed Frames and Mattresses: Overstock 
White Quilts: Overstock 

Headboards (Pier 1) were given to us by mom and dad. I left the whicker part underneath as is but chalk painted the top parts white.  These were the first things I ever chalk painted... and once you start, it's hard to put the brush down!!!  

Horse PrintOverstock 
Small Colorful Pillows, Ralph Lauren, Homegoods

The bought the materials for the banners at Joann's, and I used this tutorial (no sew).  
I like switching them out depending on the season.

White Dresser: Ikea (handles on dresser: Lowe's)

The wood A & J letters were the most expensive things on the gallery wall ($7 - Homegoods - I screamed in the store when I found both letters!!!); the white mirror was $3 at a garage sale and the frames and prints were $3 or less... all the frames are Goodwill or Ikea.
The girls picked out the plant on our trip to Ikea and the compass with pink sand at World Market. We chalk painted some mason jars to use as vases on the shelf.

Wood Sign on gallery wall: House of Belonging:

Proverbs 31:25.  I'd love to put another sign above their beds after I save up! 
The mirrors above it are all Goodwill, some spray painted.  I fell over when I found the long skinny one in bronze that fit perfectly at the top.
See the chandelier in the mirror?  A splurge for a little girls' room but it was something I was willing to splurge on! 
Chandelier and ceiling medallion: Amazon 

The Ikea spice racks I painted white to use as book shelves.

I love the birdcage hanging from tule.  I found it for $5.  
Metal Butterflies were thrifted for $1 then spray painted.
Birdies from Pier1 clearance a few years back (I think $1.35 a piece)

I found an old window that I wanted to use in their room but Bill thought it would be best to knock the glass out first because no one wants 100 year old glass to shatter on them! 
My Dad's heat gun came in handy to take the old glaze out to then get the glass out- 

I wore gloves! ;)

The antique dresser that Bill's mom gave us used to be his aunt Jean's - darling! 
And then lastly, the antique corner chair - $10 at Goodwill.  It has great bones and even though I can't afford to reupholster it now, the green and gold fabric works just fine! 


Big ticket items that we bought:

Wood Sign on gallery wall: House of Belonging
Horse Print: Overstock
Bed Frames and Mattresses: Overstock
Twin White Quilts: Overstock
Chandelier and ceiling medallion: Amazon 
White Dresser: Ikea (handles on dresser: Lowe's)

Smaller Items that were affordable:
Bookshelves: Ikea, $3 each
Pink String Lights: Target clearance, $5
Window Curtains and Closet curtains: Ikea. $20 a set
Curtain Rods for 2 windows: Homegoods $20 each
Green and gold antique chair: Goodwill, $10!
Pink lamp on dresser: Sears, $8

Items we had:
Headboards - Pier1 (given to us by my mom and dad)
Nightstand - Christmas Tree shop (one of the old nightstands from the master)
Lamp - Ikea (Bill's old desk lamp)
Antique Dresser - This was Bill's aunt Jean's, from his mom, I think over 100 years old from England.
White Peg Shelf above dresser

*A lot of these items I found used at garage sales or bought from thrift stores... 

The birdcage, window, mirror, and peg shelf were all garage sale.
The mirrors on the gallery wall were found at Goodwill over a few months and then spray painted, as were some of the other frames.  
The wood A and the J are from Homegoods
And the banners on the headboards I made with materials from Joanns Fabric.

If you have any questions about any of the items or something I left out, feel free to ask! 

Happy decorating! 


  1. So much to love about this room (and your whole house you've been sharing). I'm envious of your amazing talent and excellent decorating skills. Wow. I wish you lived closer so we could be friends and you could just help me pull things together better at my house. ;)

    1. Ha Sarah! You are so sweet and funny too! And living close would be fun! Our babies are close in age! I think since we bought this house, I feel like we'll be here awhile so I should really invest in each space haha. My mom and dad did that for us so I think it's rubbed off some! And I'd love to help decorate... I'll let you know when we'll be up that way! ;)

  2. Wow! How cool to have a chandelier in your bedroom as a kid! I swear I thought about this as a kid myself.


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