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Thursday, November 27, 2014


… this Thanksgiving, we revealed what Baby Williams 3 is at our family's big gathering!  
Addie and June wore a PINK #1 and #2 tshirt and then grandma and grandpa had to open up a box to see what color #3 was on the baby's tshirt - 

IT'S A BOY (that's what the blue 3 means heehee)!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Our Trip To the Farm and Meeting Annie the Horse

We were fortunate to visit our dear friends on their farm in Ohio this past weekend and the girls had a blast!  It's such a special thing to do for both Bill and me and the two of them and we're so grateful to the Rhoades' for having us!  
It's no secret that we LOVE it out there!  We just aren't sure how they feel about us moving in with them for a month out of the year haha.  

Only short 30 minute naps were had on the way there.

 Saturday night we went to a horse parade in a town nearby.  And even though my phone took horrible pics, I thought I'd share a few…
and guess who was in cowgirl heaven?  
A nice man let Addie and Noah sit in his seat nearest to the street.

And guess who passed out after being the squirmiest Bug for an hour?!

The kiddos had some iPad fun - 

And Charlie, Violet, and Addie wore their princess dresses - 

Addie and Charlie - I can't imagine anyone in the world loving horses more than these 2 two year old cowgirls -
I need to help Addie Jo with her CHEESE face like ASAP.
Howdy, Charlie! 
Later on Sunday morning, we headed over to the family farm - 

To meet the new star of the show - Annie the horse!

Pop Pop Rhoades and granddaughter Charlie.

June liked her too!

…and she loved seeing the mooo vacas - 

June and Ice Cream
AJ had to keep running back to see Annie.

And then it was time to explore - 

It was riding time after lunch - 

And we barely made it to the car before the girls passed out! 

Thank you Nick and Sarah for another fun farm trip! 
You helped make Addie Jo's dreams come true ;).

Thursday, November 20, 2014

5 Faves - Motivational Quotes Found This Week

I wanted to share the 5 most inspirational quotes that I saw on Facebook this week.
I see so many that I like but don't know what to do with… so to the blog it is!  

Rick Warren (used by the Duggars and Robertsons).

Intense! And next week, some lighter quotes! 

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