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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Birthday To the Best!

And another year bites the dust!

So Bill-Bill turned a WHOPPING 31 on Monday; 
and I know, I know, that's soooo old, ummm yet soooo much younger than his other half ;) (3.5 years younger, but no one needs that specification... besides, I seem to keep turning 29 year after year, so scratch that)!

Even though his birthday was Monday, we ended up celebrating last night because it was his earliest work day of the week and we combined it with Halloween at Mom's.  It's become tradition the last 3 years to celebrate his birthday and Halloween together; and we all had a blast!

The proof is in the Halloween pudding, as they say -

First, we played:

The June Bug was a Bug - shocker; 
and Mom, a scary witch! 

And this Bumble Bee kept buzzing about... (Addie originally had a Bee costume that was the same style of costume as June's, silver wings and all, but as soon as Bill tried to zip it up at our trial run at the Zoo, the zipper crumbled, so here was the backup - I guess that's what I get for buying used?)

with a Bug chasing her!
Dad must not have gotten the memo that the Red Sox WON this year ;)

Go Buggie, Go! 

Bugs like flowers...
And smooches

... And Bee food
And the boys came as Power Rangers, and Zekie a Ninja
Happy dance
And aunt Kate was a bandit! 
Ready to steal the Bug away! 
And then the birthday boy arrived after work and changed into Farmer Bill.

Next, it was time to eat. 

And mom outdid herself with the food!

The Menu:
Cheesy Potatoes
Corn on the Cobb
Bravo Bread with Dipping Oil
and Marinated Veggies
- Some of Bill's Faves!
(which one doesn't belong in a Bill Williams dinner?  Yep, the veggies, which he will eat a few of, but that just means more veggies for me!)

The table was ready to go! 

Not that there was a lot of eating going on - 

Next, everyone made their way to grandpa's barn for a surprise - 

And treats were found in the hay wagon!

Addie Jo found a Toddler Tote and Cheerios book in her basket
And Junie found a chew book and Rice cereal 

Ari, the Blue Power Ranger, was ready to ride!

Happy Bday, uncle Bill!

Grandpa ready, too! 

Having fun! 

The REAL Farmer Bill :)

That hay ride was fun.  BZZZZZZ

Apple Crisp and present time!

Bill received some gift cards and a leather bound bible that he's been wanting:

And also following tradition for the 3rd year in a row, he got the National Catholic Register Newspaper from mom and dad, which we just love getting in the mail!

And finally, a little more play time before heading home - 

And that's a Birthday and Halloween wrap!

Happy Birthday, Stinker/Dada!
We love you so much and God has truly blessed us with you as a spouse and father! 
You make our little family so completely and wonderfully awesome.
We appreciate all you do and all your love.
Thanks for being the best! 
Love always,
Your Girls,
S, AJ, and Bug, Bug

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Five Faves for Sniffly Babes

Stuffy noses seem to rule our house these days.  
With our 1.75 year old, it's a little easier to wipe the runs that come from her cute button nose; but with our 4 month old, we feel helpless in helping her find relief.   Sometimes I tell her to just breathe through her mouth, but when she looks at me like she has no idea what I'm saying, we have to resort to helping the poor Bug out however we can! 

And THIS might work for some, but we haven't tried it... yet - 

The snot sucker

Here's what we do to get by, and although these things are nothing new, they definitely make up my five faves this week ;) - 

1. Use Baby Vicks on the bottoms of her feet - 

2. Crank up a cool mist humidifier in the girls' room -

3. Run a steam shower -

4. Put a folded towel under her mattress to elevate her a bit - 

Something like this ;)

5. And when nothing else seems to work, have the hubs sleep with her upright in the BIG BLACK RECLINER- 

Any other remedies used in your houses?

Linking up with Hallie Jenny and the girls at Mama Needs Coffee this week!
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