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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Yard = More Summer Living Space

We finally got ourselves in gear and are at a place we can enjoy the yard!  

Because our little bungalow became pretty tiny this past winter with being stuck inside for so long, that now that it's nice out, this casa seems ginormous (relatively speaking) because the outside really becomes an extension of the house!  
We get lots of use out of the front porch, back deck, and little yard - making the house seem oh so cute and livable again.   

Here's what we get to enjoy:

The best part of the yard is the peonies!  
We can't take any credit for how cool they are because they've been in this spot for at least 25 years!
 They are so big and heavy that Bill has to support them with wire and stakes so they don't lay on the grass.  
People walk by and ask to cut them when they bloom! 

And they've bloomed:

And then there are all the things that we hope to keep alive like...


Bill's raspberry bush

The tomatoes

Rosemary, thyme, oregano, and mint (that don't take much maintenance)

Luckily, we've got some extra help ;)

And the Mary bed is ready to go too!  

You all are welcome to come on over and sit on the deck with us for a mint mojito (I just can't promise that you won't be asked to play at the water table)!

Happy Yarding! 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Days Like These

The past couple of weeks have been filled with sunny afternoon walks, yard work (with the amazing smell of peonies filling the air), park playing, and watching the girls grow bigger (and cuter) every day!

I have a feeling that years from now, if I ask myself the question, "If I could go back in time to a place in our lives that I miss," I would probably choose now - a time when the days aren't filled with busy schedules or rushing to school activities, but with just the simplicity of being with the girls…

So I thought I'd dump lots of pictures and over share about the girls since I haven't posted to this blogity blog in awhile... 


Lately, Addie's been into -
- checking herself out in the bathroom mirror while singing songs and flipping her hair (we have to lower the mirror for her to see herself so it's quite the production).
- using the big potty all the time and thinking she's a a big kid (hence the need to wash her hands at the sink and needing the mirror lowered)
- dancing with her dolls and her dad
- trying to figure out if she's Elsa or Anna from Frozen (it changes often)
- telling people they are either pretty or guapo, depending on if they are a girl or boy

Even though Addie Jo is usually a momma's girl, she's definitely after her dad's heart because she always wants to wear her Michigan gear and yell, "Go BLUE!" -

She's not into smiling for pictures anymore but instead makes this face when I say, "CHEESE!"


She's really into books and I love catching her reading (or having her "friends" read to her) -

This is one of her favorite "puzzles" - 

She asks for waffles or pancakes every morning for breakfast -

She could stay at the park all day and throws a fit whenever we leave-

And she's still loves to color and paint and helped me paint the flower box where our basil grows -
Que artista! 


At 11 months, June's into - 
- being held as much as physically possible (aka the snuggle bug)!
- walking from furniture to furniture (when she's actually not being held AND while being overly pleased with herself)
- being the biggest DADA'S girl around! 
- squealing every time I approach her with an avocado or strawberries
- saying "Momma, Dada, and gogo"
- climbing on everything

She's into the dolls that Addie's into and it's really fun to watch her play with them-

 She also cries when we have to leave the park - 

 She loves to play with the girls' little kitchen - 

Her favorite book right now is Time For Bed and she leans in to kiss the page with the dog on it - 
Bill, I hope you aren't getting any doggone ideas!

And finally, her Hair Status-
wavy frizz with a sprout

I will always remember these days as the "good old" ones and will soak up everything I can!
God is so good! 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

5 Faves - Comida de Bebes En Nuestra Casita

Linking up with Hallie at moxiewife.com.

Here are some current fave food items for our little ones en nuestra casa ahora:

Fruit snacks with fiber.
I tell myself they must be healthy. 

If I cut the smallest slit in the top, AJ won't make a mess! 

Honest Kids Drinks.
I don't always buy organic but these are reasonably priced (again, I think so, but don't really know because I don't usually buy organic).  8 pouches are about $3.50 at Target. 

Any squeezable baby food pouch.
We love all brands! 

Both the girls LOVE themselves some squeezable fruit and veggie combos! AND they are the best to travel with.

Yogurt melts/yogurt bites.
These are also lifesavers when you need an easy snack from the diaper bag.

*I decided I won't share with you the "not so healthy" emergency snacks that any mom might have to rely on a time or two. ;)

Happy Hump Day!

*Frozen raspberries should only be given to babies who are already wearing red! 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day and 30 Random Things You May NOT NEED To Know About Me!

Since today is a day for moms (which is a category I still can't believe I'm in), I thought I'd share some pics from the day AND some random facts about yours truly -

This is the card from the girls!

And the gift!  This medallion was made over 100 years ago in France!  I LOVE it!
The backside is Our Lady of Lourdes.  So cool!

 Then, during the girls' naps, I went to get a pedicure with a gift card I got back at Christmas!
I felt like this was a special enough occasion to use it. :)

I always lean towards the orangey pinks.  I can't help it!

Then we played outside at mom and dad's and the girls just loved stretching their legs in the yard!
Speaking of legs…
JUNE is taking steps now!  6 is her max so I don't know if that's considered walking… but almost!

Twirling girls!

May 11th = Mother's Day AND June turned 11 MONTHS


And now, 30 random things about me (to coincide with my age, wink, wink)!
*I meant to post this awhile ago, around my birthday, but aye aye aye, I just never got around to it!  And I never posted the random facts about myself that I was tagged to do from a Facebook challenge last year… so here we go - get ready for weirdness if you're still reading -

I love liquids, as in drinks.
Water (in a huge plastic cup with ice) is my number 1 beverage of choice.
If I don't have access to water close by, I get a little antsy, so I always try to have some around.
I've got to have my water! (Bill can't help but make fun of me about this).
Then it's margaritas/tequila.  Then coffee, tea, cider, wine, anything really.  It's safe to say that I tend to get overly excited about liquids in general.

I love coffee but don't feel any of the effects of caffeine.
I could drink 2 cups every day for a year and then not notice a difference if I went cold turkey.
I just like for more of the "experience" of drinking coffee.

We have one baby in heaven that I miscarried before Adelaide Josephine.
I have his or her birthstone - September - on the chain I wear with the girls' initials.

Bill and I think it would be great to have a boy, but we'd love it if we only had all girls, too.
God's good like that, ya know?

I like to make a big deal out of little things and a little deal out of big things.
Makes sense, right?

I have a photographic memory.  If I see things once or have been somewhere once, I can recall some crazy specifics.
Bill is finally grasping this when he tries to prove me wrong about something because he usually can't heehee.

I like FOOD - to cook, talk about, think about what I'll order when out at a restaurant, etc…
but I don't like to clean up.
And I make a MESS of the kitchen!

I grew up in the Midwest but went to school out West and then grad school out East and totally feel at home in all.  In other words, I think I'd like to live anywhere.

I love maps and get my love of looking at maps from my dad.
They intrigue me.

But at the same time, I don't mind being lost.  I actually kind of like the feeling, especially in new places.  I like the challenge of trying to find my way around and thinking there could be an adventure around every corner.

I'm a sucker for old houses, old streets, old cities.
Anything old, actually.

I always have a continuous argument going on in my head about whether or not I like the water or mountains better (we don't live by either).  It usually comes out a dead tie every time, or I decide it would be best to live by both (like maybe on the cliffs of Cinque Terra in Italy), but I still keep thinking I should be able to decide so therefore the argument in my head continues on. :)

My mom always said that she wanted us to be able to dine with the president of the U.S. and also with a homeless person, and not be intimidated to do either.
I hope I wouldn't disappoint her and I really want to pass that desire onto the girls.

I like to think about how to get out of a situation in case there's an emergency… always want to be prepared?  I don't stress about it, I just try to be aware of my surroundings, I guess!

I've been called everything from "TOO SPORTY" to "TOO ARTSY."
Crazy spectrum.

If I wasn't a teacher by profession or a stay at home mom now, I'd either be a travel and food guide author or house decorator.  Not random at all.

I prefer the COLD to the hot.
A hundred times over.

I'm a certified underwater diver but haven't been scuba diving in a LONG time... LOVED swimming with sharks, though, and love the feeling of "floating" under water.

I like to make holidays a big deal.
Well, that's kind of an understatement.
My parents always made them so magical for us so I hope to do that for the girls.

If we ever become independently wealthy (haha by winning the power ball that we don't currently play), I hope to have a lake house and a brick oven pizza and an italian villa and work part of the year helping the less fortunate.

I'm not very good at organizing OR staying organized, but I really wish I was.

My favorite family vacation growing up was our trip to a fancy dude ranch in Montana and Glacier National Park.  Yet I LOVE me some crazy NYC, too!

Even though I loved our dog of 14 years growing up, I'm not a huge pet person, especially because
1.) I can barely take care of myself plus my family and don't want another responsibility and
2.) I cherish the freedom we have to pick and go when needing to travel.
Something tells me I'll lose this fight to Bill someday (but I'm holding out as long as I can)!

Alaska, Hawaai, Iowa, Oregan, Idaho, Arkansas, Missisipi, North and South Dakota are the states I have not been to.  That makes 41 states I have been to.

I like to be challenged and pushed to think outside the box of my little world so I'll ask for advice and help from others to make sure I'm not out of touch with reality - sometimes to the point where I'm left being more indecisive then where I started.

I probably would not blog if I didn't have a Smart Phone.  The convenience of having my phone on me all the time and snapping up pics is something I REALLY appreciate.
Then I have access to all my pics via photo stream on my laptop when I sit down to post - so I don't have to do anything!  I'm pretty positive I wouldn't have the patience to blog if it wasn't so easy!

I love books and love to read and learn.
 I wish I read more, and I hope to write a book someday.

I have good/bad feelings about baby names because I always associate names with past students or players - so I unfortunately have an instant feeling that won't go away when it comes to names!
(I never had an Addie or June).

I feel like I had a great childhood filled with love and adventure, but my parents were also strict; and to this day, even though they support us fully, thank goodness they still call us out on things when we need a wake up call from time to time!
I hope I can have that balance with our kids in the future!

I'm not very funny but love to laugh and tease and am the first to make fun of myself (I hope).

And one more for good measure -

I'm an ENFP on the Myers-Briggs test (at least I was years ago, but haven't taken the test in awhile). When Bill and I first started dating, I sent Bill some reading material on my personality type because we were doing it with our students to help them figure out how they should best approach having a prayer life and relationship with God (cool, huh?)
Anyways, I think Bill replied with, I could never be with someone like that - let alone marry someone like that.

I think I must have sent him something like this -

ENFPs are also likely to have difficulties dealing with routine, administrative matters. They are more interested in freedom and inspiration than security and stability, and this attitude is usually clearly visible – an ENFP would rather try to come up with an interesting solution or an idea, no matter how difficult that is, than deal with simple yet boring tasks.
Creative and contagiously happy, ENFPs have boundless energy and an appetite for learning about new things and meeting new people. They bring joy to others and are keenly perceptive to the needs of those around them. They are vivacious and popular enthusiasts. ENFPs tend to get bored easily, and they are always ready for the latest and the greatest in friends, relationships, experiences, and ocean jumping.

People with the ENFP personality type tend to be curious, idealistic and often mystical. They seek meaning and are very interested in other people’s motives, seeing life as a big, complex puzzle where everything is connected. Not surprisingly, ENFPs tend to be very insightful and empathic individuals – this, plus their charm and social skills, often makes them very popular and influential.

It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for – and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing. It doesn’t interest me how old you are. I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool – for love – for your dreams – for the adventure of being alive.

- Dr. Suess, Charles Dickens and Emily Bronte were ENFPs.  Ellen Degeneres, Sandra Bullock, and Robert Downey, Jr. are all ENFPs.

Common fields for ENFPs:

Okay, so Bill was probably like, woah, yea, not for me!  
Good thing he called me back!!! ;)

*So in other words, I guess I could have just posted #31 because that pretty much sums me up!
Although I'm trying hard not to be so extreme in some of these personality traits and still working on the things I need to change - so I'm definitely a work in progress!!! 

Happy Mother's Day and hope it's a wonderful week, friends! 

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