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Monday, March 18, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday... A little Late

 So it's Monday and I am reporting on my 7 Quick Takes Friday... procrastination?  Maybe.  Husband working on the computer outside of work,  preparing for a big presentation next month - YES!  I prefer the 2nd excuse ;).  Which leads to the question of whether or not to get a laptop for this main floor once this next puff comes and we have to move the computer... or spending the money on new tile for the bathroom?  Hmmm if only money grew on trees!

Moving on...

1.) This week it snowed again.  Yep.  True story.  BUT look at what the booboo found nonetheless -the first sign of Spring!

See what she's pointing to - flowers!

Another sign Spring is around the corner (hopefully after this week of being in the 30s) - RAIN.  This is before we got stuck in it on our walk. 

2.) AJ wanted to help in the yard but doesn't like to put her hands down to stand up once she's fallen.  I have no idea if that means she takes after me or Bill haha.

I'll just keep sitting here...

3.) We celebrated grandpa's birthday on the only nice day of the week and AJ loved stomping around Grandpa's yard (*NOTE - anything outside of mom and dad's house is considered Grandpa's*).

Grandpa's yard

...And while INSIDE GRANDMA'S HOUSE, she got to be a super hero with her Addie Cape!

4.) This week, Addie got to go to her friend Libby's 2nd birthday party.  She loved seeing Libby and the Mickey theme!

Rocking the velvet bell bottoms

Libby loves to squeeze AJ's cheeks, but who doesn't?  But Addie actually lets her... for now!

5.) On a really cold Thursday last week, Addie and Zekie went to the library for story time:

Cool Cats

6.) I'm not sure how it's possible, but Addie Jo seems to be eating us out of house and home at 14 months - here's the proof - 

Here mom, this is what's left of my peach!

7.) How big am I getting you might ask?  Big enough to get asked if I'm having twins... and big enough for Addie to use the bug as her pillow:

AND lastly, her Friday morning hairstyle:

Hope your week was great, too! 
Joining Jen again at Conversiondiary.com

St. Pat's!

Addie got to go to her first St. Patrick's Day parade this past weekend! 

Now Indianapolis does not boast a parade the size of the Boston Southy Parade, the Chicago Parade, or even the Newport, RI, parade (nor is as ethnically Irish as any of them), but it was fun to see all the little Catholic grade schools walking with the bagpipers and horses in the mix...
And although Adelaide is mainly of mixed German descent, she was a cute little Irish laddie for a day! 

Ready for the parade!



With Pops!

And Mama

GREEN going by

Oh hi horsies

Pretty pleased she got a sucker!
Lots to see with aunt Katie

Must be cool




Having some SERIOUS fun
SERIOUSly hungry!

SERIOUSly thirsty!

And that's all she wrote!

Happy St. Pat's!

Friday, March 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

7 Quick Takes Friday linked to the lovely Jen - quicker than usual this week but still lots of AJ pics!  Happy Friday all! 

1.) We had brunch on Sunday with my high school friends and their kiddos.  Always fun to get together with Bridge, Court, and Con, just a little difficult to get the kids to sit still for photo opps.

Audrey - 3.5 yrs., Molly - 16.5 months, Addie - 14 months on Monday, Kyle - 2 yrs.

2.) Addie made a new friend at bath-time this week - Senor Rana (Mr. Frog) - and really had no idea it was a puppet.  Oh I love this age!

Ribbit, ribbit

3.) Yes, it snowed this week.  I know I raved about March weather here, but this is pretty unusual for Indy - and it's already melting for good... but at least we got to enjoy it with Addie one more time this winter. 

She loved her blow up sled!

Come on Dad, lets go see Mary AGAIN

Hi, Mary, let me get that...

Oh, some snow


4.)  ROAR!!!!

This is Addie's little lion roar face

5.) Play date at Babies and Bagels.

Excited to see Fiona, her 2 year old friend

6.) Addie visited Bill at work yesterday (we had a health screening) and she loved stomping around Carmax!

She got to drive a Porsche ;)

One handed

Driving like her dad, now!

Off to find another cool car

7.) Safe Haven.  Katie and Jessie and I went.  We didn't know it was a bit of a thriller, but it was still a Nicholas Sparks chick-flick none the less! 

7.5) Morning hair this morning! 

Monday, March 4, 2013

What I love about March

 The month of March begins and I immediately think of this:

The greenness of Ireland

Now I only wish I could transplant myself there.

Green, green, green.  Here in Indianapolis, March truly marks the beginning of Spring, unlike so many other states, where it's usually winter through April - and it's usually right on schedule with when Spring begins - March 20.  
My birthday falls on March 23, and it's either 70 or 45 degrees, but there is still green popping up everywhere with a warm smell to the air.  Everyone's spirits are lifted as more strollers are being pushed about, more parks are being visited, and more sidewalk cafes are being sat.  There is such an attitude of pleasantness and hope over warmer weather being around the corner.  It for some reason makes us feel freer and more alive.


What I LOVE about March - 

The weather. Jeans, layering, and scarf wearing still happen without the threat of appendages falling off. 

There are more birthdays in March than I know what to do with.  I can count 20, no problem.  So Spring reminds me of NEW LIFE, REBIRTH, STARTING AGAIN.  Beautiful.

March Madness. College basketball at its best.  

Lent is always during March which is one of my favorite times of year - to get the chance to get back to what's really important and to live in a way that we are reminded of what's important. 

St. Patrick's Day.  I don't have a trace of Irish blood in my body but on this day, everyone becomes Irish, and I have enough Irish friends that I could pass for Irish because their excitement rubs off on all!

St. Joseph's Feast Day.  This is one of the best feast days to celebrate in March.  Patron of the universal Church and of fathers.  The selfless spouse of the Virgin Mary.  Foster father of Jesus.  There is no better example for any man.  

Here's hoping we all enjoy the beauty of Spring! 
Happy MARCH everyone!
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