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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Ambrose's First Day at Casa Sahm

We had an exciting day this past Saturday when we welcomed grandpa's new pet, Ambose, home.
Ambrose is a 4 year old Rocky Mountain horse from Kentucky! 

So I thought I'd share some pics of some fence leaning, horse watching, new barn reno excitement from Ambrose' first day. 

We hurried to make him a sign before they got home -   

And the cowgirls had their hats ready to greet him - 

We hope you like it here, Ambrose! We sure are glad you're here to stay!

Love, Cowgirl Addie and Cowgirl June

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Pics from Easter Weekend

We started the Easter weekend at the annual Bishop Chatard Easter Egg Hunt, something Addie was really looking forward to! 

Off to the races! 

A little head start never hurt anybody.

Cousins sans Easter Bunny.  He makes me nervous too, though.

Then it was time to decorate eggs! 

And what screams Easter more than clean pajamas and a witch's hat to go to sleep in?!  
*The girls are so into Halloween right now that June was wishing us a Happy Ween (Halloween) all weekend.   

Easter Sunday! 

The girls played with their Pez dispensers for 20 minutes not knowing they were candies and not caring that there were other presents to open in their baskets.
Thank you, Dollar Tree, thank you.

It was brunch after church and then the hunt! 

And then picture time! 

This might be the winner - 

And then we went to visit Grandma Reva (our new neighbor), and pet Wilson, who June kept saying was cute.  Dog.  Cute.

Happy Easter! 

He is risen!  
Alleluia, Aleluia! 

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