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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Photo Shoot!

Last week, we had an unexpected photo shoot with the girls in matching outfits.  It definitely wasn't planned (I even used my dad's iPhone to snap because I left mine in the car), but I guess sometimes that's when some great pics come about, right?!  These just make me so happy and I'll be able to look back at these Summer 2013 pics and probably say, "Gosh, remember when life was so simple and easy?"
 Enjoy! (Although if your finger gets tired from scrolling, you can stop anytime)

Camera shy!

Not now - CHEESE!

Grandma and Grandpa! 

Good thing AJ brought the Mono to cover her face with

June's face! 

As you can tell, I don't know which one I like best of this group ;)

The girls - 

Over here, booboo
June might end up having dark hair??? I guess there are weirder things that have happened ...



And finally, with grandma - 

End of photo shoot - Grandma and Grandpa sure were good sports!

Okay, babies really grow up so quickly because June doesn't even look like that anymore! 

She thinks that's funny - 

Phew, now to decide which ones to print off! 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Five Faves - GIFTS!

1. So I got this super special gift this week.
I guess it's called a "push present" but that just doesn't sound pleasant, and actually rather disturbing, so I'm calling it my JUNE BUG gift from Bill.  It's an initial necklace!
It has Addie and June's initials plus a tiny September sapphire birthstone for Baby Williams who I miscarried before getting pregnant with Addie Jo.  

I got it here on Amazon but she has an etsy store with different things too!

Did I mention I got to pick it out? ;) 
I don't have many things in yellow gold and usually where silver things so I thought it was a good idea to branch out.

That leads me to the other gifts we've received recently.  
Although we have loved everything we were given, from cute outfits to little slippers to "little sister" merchandise, here are some that have June "written all over it" - you'll see what I mean -

2.) My fabulous friend, Colleen, sent me a June birthstone bracelet that is just the sweetest.  
It's super thoughtful, especially because she has numerous things on her mind these days - like 5 kids - and a 6th on the way! 

Amazon rocks!

Modeling - I didn't know that the month of June had both pearl and LIGHT AMETHYST as a birthstone - so cool! 

Super Cute - I LOVE IT!

3.) A June fabric bin from a dear high school friend, Courtney - 

This cute basket is from Thirty-One

4.) A Baptism frame from June's grandma Peg:

June Bug is on the name plate - June's footprints from the hospital

5.) This is where I list more than 5 Faves because I can't choose - not a bad problem to have I must say! 

I've already mentioned how cool this blanket is - 

Not sure why it's upside down, but it's getting late for me and I have got to jump in bed

Ope, I found it right side up - 

Another cute frame from a Bible study friend -  

That Junebug wine I saw at Target, from another bible study friend - 

I might never open it!  Or maybe I will and then use the empty bottle as a vase!  

And a...

A June Bug Onesie from grandma

And that's a Five Favorites with JUNE written all over it!

Linking up with Hallie once again. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tasteful Tuesdays

For some reason, any kind of effort in making breakfast feels special.  
I am a huge breakfast/brunch fan.  The food is always pretty simple to prepare and it's also easy to make go far, whatever it is!  
Eggs, omelets, french toast, pancakes, bacon, sausage, bagels - all fairly inexpensive, easy to make lots of, and yummy!  

Since Bill works a couple of close shifts a week, it means he is with us in the mornings rather than evenings; so I try to make breakfast our meal of the day together.  Well, I at least shoot for making it once a week! 

Here is the easy meal we had yesterday - 
Gritty Pancakes  

*Even though I'm a breakfast person, I don't really care for pancakes and they are the last things I'd order in a restaurant, but they really are the easiest to make at home... 
I do like them though, if they don't really taste like pancakes, you know?!  
I know, I'm weird, but that's why I try to "doll" them up somehow.  
I can't wait for pumpkin pancakes this fall! 

"Gritty Pancakes" - 
I used 2 cups of boxed pancake mix and about 2 cups of frozen berries.  
- Sometimes I make homemade pancakes but when I'm in a hurry, the boxed stuff works just fine.

Even those these are a little healthy, I didn't use whole wheat, gluten free, or wheat germ pancake mix... BABY steps with Bill ;)

As you can see, I'm a fan of frozen fruit!

Here comes the "grittiness:"

Toss in a few tablespoons of flaxseed into the mix

Then I chopped up about 3/4 c of walnuts and tossed in

And like Bill says, what's a meal without meat?  
He and AJ love breakfast sausage:

And tada!

Not very pretty but tasty! 

Toddler approved! 

And I guess these pancakes were a little healthier than what we munched on this morning for breakfast -

leftover brownies from bible study group

Happy tasting! 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Indiana State Fair

While in today's rat-race society the rural lifestyle may seem simple and old-fashioned, the fruits of farming still account for a big piece of each state's economic pie, and the country's string of exuberant state fairs acknowledges, promotes and celebrates that (WorldWeb.com).


This weekend was the closeout of the Indiana State Fair - an absolute highlight of our summers growing up, of summers now, and probably many more summers to come...  
Summer State Fairs are synonymous with American culture.  Fairs are as much a part of our lives as Americans as baseball, flags, and the 4th of July are.  They are a reminder of the "yesteryears," and the prominence of farm life in our country in the not too distant past.  

Growing up, I remember being a little sad when August approached because it meant the start of the school year and the end of summer.
But one thing that we always had to look forward to was the State Fair.

Now, and probably even back then, I think I liked it so much because I experienced it through my Dad's eyes.  I saw how excited he got about the tractors and livestock, reminiscing about visiting his grandparents on their farm and all the things he got to help his grandpa with.  
I truly think I like(d) it so much because I know he likes it so much!    

And gosh, if there ever was a place to EAT (and people watch) - this is it! 


There's more than corn in Indiana goes the jingle, but that's not entirely true outside of Indianapolis.  The city seems to be surrounded by fields and farms of corn!  Hoosiers that live outside this big metropolis would probably disagree with me but to us city-goers, it sure seems that way.
And to prove me wrong, this year's Fair theme was POPCORN.  Yep, that's popCORN...

Inside the fairgrounds! 

Starting off with the small animals

Donkeys with Zeke

Hanging with Ari in horse barn

This was Addie last year at 7 months:

And this is her this at 1.5 years:

Ummm yea, that didn't work out as well as the previous year!

But here is a cute little bug I found bouncing with aunt Jessie -

We had so much fun that we went again the next week, with grandma and grandpa (the one who LOVES the fair), and of course on ANOTHER $2 Tuesday! 

Tee hee

Of course we walked through the antique tractor field -

"Addie, your great great grandpa Clint used to drive this"

And this is what June was doing in the meantime - 

Addie loved the ox or is it oxen?  Is there a difference?  Not sure. But we had to swing around 3 times to see these guys - 

AND lets try this picture thing AGAIN - 


Oh gosh

Here we go!


Junie's turn - 

"Just like me, buggy."

Got some winners - 


And look who's back - 

OK... moving on - 

Follow me, guys

Meeting the State Fair Princess - 

Even though AJ is leaning as far away as possible, she LOVED meeting her! 

Antique Tractor Parade time - 

Waving at everyone - 

My favorite - the Percherons - 


And that's a wrap!

Can't forget some Reese's peanut butter cup POPCORN for the road -

Cheers to State Fairs and what's left of August summers everywhere! 

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