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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas in Michigan, 2014

Well, we've made our annual December trip to Michigan and back and we are truly blessed to have gotten to celebrate Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa and Nana.  The girls had the best time and felt loved beyond measure! 

We first spent a couple of days with grandpa and grandma Williams (and I can't dare leave out the doggies and cats because AJ wouldn't have it; so with the dogs and cats too)... 

here's the pics of the fun -

AJ loved her suitcase filled with crafts!
"No WAY, HORSE stickers!"

And June went right to town with her GoGo Zoo Train

Taking a little rest.

Now taking a big rest.
June had some ideas for the tree.

And her favorite Christmas decoration was Snowy the cat.

And they loved when Mickey went under the tree.

Bill always loves to take these pics with weird angels... maybe I'll get it someday, but here's a good shot of the buggy's diaper in the meantime. :)

He also got a pic of Addie and me starting the baby's stocking.

Then we were at Nana's for a couple of days, too - 
And got busy opening early birthday presents right away!
A horsey sweatshirt!
Trying to rip her shirt off to get it on!

Junie got this pink one but preferred to play with the box.
AJ was very serious about getting a pick with Nana's stuffed animals.
Chocolate face
Finally a Junie photobomb after what seemed like hours of AJ's photoshoot.
 Oh no, wait, there was more... after bathtime! 

And then in the morning...

Frozen shoes over the footy pjs.

 Then that night, we had to check the Frozen light-up shoes in the dark -

And that's a wrap!  

Happy almost Christmas Day to you and yours! 

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