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Sunday, March 30, 2014

7 Quick Takes - Birthday, Girls' Updates and GO MICHIGAN!

I'm not sure when March came and went, but it's on its way out this weekend - so Adios, Marzo.

Linking up with conversiondiary.com today (even though I began this post on Thursday night, oops.  Priorities, people, prioities):

And off we go!!!

The end of March always seems to have lots of birthdays and feast days to celebrate, and this year was no different.
It started with Katie bringing cupcakes and wine to bible study last week - so fun!

Kara turned 29 and Veronica and I keep turning 30… hmm that always seems to happen!

Then more cupcakes with sisters while Janet was in town on Saturday night:

After grabbing a drink, we came back to the house to watch Frozen for the first time.
Frozen = Awesome! 

I guess people are all over the spectrum of liking/not liking this movie, but my sister kept telling us about Theology of the Body being a theme.  
So I checked it out and there are some good posts about it:
I loved this one - it has great points - check it out

*And who do you think Kristof looks like? 
Kristoff = Bill Bill

Then on Sunday, we had a birthday brunch and bonfire at mom and dad's with bagels and "green eggs" (with guacamole) and ham- 

I think we would be the few people to do this in 30 degree weather, I'm sure; but it's spring, after all! 

We've had some fun out of the house time because it's warmer Spring:
Library and soft pretzels with Zeke
Finger painting on a play date with Kyle, Molly, and Evan.

Ending with a stroll around the block.

The Babes - 

Oh, our June Bug.  
She's got more spunk and energy than we can keep up with these days.  
She's just wild (and too cute to boot)! 

She's been into moving and shaking it lately with her walking toys:

Learning to slow dance to Sleeping Beauty with the best of 'em:

Wrestling her cousins:

Ari was a good sport! 

And barking at the walkers and runners who go by:

Cheek shot.

Addie Jo has been into potty training teaching aunt Katie's stuffed cat to use the potty:

Good job, Fluffa

Wearing her cowgirl hat and riding her horses per usual:

Taking selflies: 
I had 60 shots of this in my phone when I went to dump pics so that's why it's making the post!

Sometimes being sweet to her Jumie:

Some of us in this household are hoping for a big win for the Wolverines today!

Go BLUE AJ says.  We love March Madness.

And here's hoping we get to get out and enjoy some nice weather this week!!!

Because as you can see, the girls and I are ready and chomping at the bit!!!
Well, June definitely is! 

Ciao for now.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

7 Quick Takes Coming To You from an IRISHWOMAN!!!

I'm 7 Quick Takin it today for the first time as an Irish woman (since knowing I have Irish in me, anyways)!!! 
Ok, ok, so why is this a big deal?
Because I've lived this long not knowing that I am Irish (which is a long time).

I've always celebrated St. Pat's with the best of them, but have had to say to people who ask if I'm Irish, "No, I'm not… just for the day, or just by association," kind of thing...

Then, on Monday, St. Patrick's Day, my German/Hungarian siblings and I got this email from my dad:

In talking to Grandma, she told us that Grandpa Walt Sahm's mother was an Eagan – that's right Irish!  That means that you are all 1/16th Irish.  So you finally get to celebrate St. Patrick's Day as true Irishmen and women! 

Have a blessed day,


*Then a 2nd email came in later that day letting us know we are even more Irish than a few hours before (something that I'll always remember because I was cracking up for awhile):

Dear O'Sahm's.  Okay.  Irish heritage newsflash.  Grandma Reva checked with My Aunt Nancy and confirmed the spelling and first name of your Irish great-great-grandmother,  Amelia Egan.  In the process, she discovered that your great Grandma Anne's mother was also Irish, Kate Adair, presumably from County Adair in Ireland!  So, I think this means that Grandpa Bill was 1/2 Irish, I am 1/4 Irish and you are 1/8 Irish.  So, I am equal parts Irish and German.  This explains a lot.

Now don the green! 



AHHHHH!  So fun! 
I always knew there was a reason I liked Guinness so much!

This one gets to find out she's 1/16 Irish at 2 years old! 

So I forwarded those emails to one of my besties - the always Irish (and I think still pregnant) Colleen - and she surprised me with this in the mail yesterday for my birthday - 

It matches the birthstone bracelets I have for the girls (one gifted from her) and came with a note attached that read: Happy Birthday to a newly Irish girl!

We had such much fun last weekend celebrating Libby's 3rd birthday with a Sheriff Callie themed party:

AJ loved the Sheriff Callie attire but didn't like the camera.

Yes, Dad.

Over here, guys!!!

Nope, mom.

Got the birthday girl finally! 

Then we stopped by the Sahms to celebrate cousins Teagan and Ari's 7th and 5th birthday in the evening since we couldn't make it the actual birthday during the day.  
This one was a football themed birthday with jerseys to boot! 

Aunt Jessie made Addie Jo a "PINK #11" jersey

To cut bangs, or not to cut bangs? That was the question.

Will post pic of them styled soon!

My bald spots from babies were growing out so I decided I needed a change.

This week in the young adult bible study that my sister Katie runs, we started this 8 week series called Oremus on prayer:

It seems great and I'm glad we are doing it during Lent!

And I'd hate to leave you without sharing a Once Upon a Child purchase; so I won't. :-)
Here's the latest (and I hope greatest) one yet:
A Valco Tri-Mode Twin Stroller - $700 new, $80 used from Once Upon a Child, although so beat up and rough that I don't even know if it could be considered the same… maybe I scored?  Hoping so! 

Now, it doesn't look like this AT ALL, because it is SUPER ratty, but hoping it works all the same!!!

Happy First Weekend of Spring, all! 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

5 Faves - Changing Table Essentials

There are some days where I feel like all I accomplish is changing diapers and making meals.
Diaper. Bottle. Snack. Bottle. Lunch. Prep dinner. Etc. 
Maybe half of the phone calls I answer from Bill while he's at work consist of me saying something like, Oh I'm just in the middle of changing a diaper.  Or I've changed 3 nasty dipes at it's only 11:00.

Changing diapers is definitely a big part of my day, whether I like it or not, and I've grown to love some things about our "changing station" that I thought I'd share for old and new moms' alike! 

Here are some "essentials" that make my day job go as smooth as can be:

I'm a color person and color always makes me happy.
Since my favorite color is orange, it makes diaper changing a little more bearable to have an orange pad, you know? 

When trying to figure out how to set up the nursery when we first moved into our house (almost two yard ago this spring!), mom convinced me to put the table under the window, and it has really saved us!

Distractions from outside are always welcome!

This diaper pail:
It used to hold all of Addie's diapers but since June was born, it now just holds the "dirties" and all the wets go into the regular trash.
*I don't ever have to empty it but Bill says it's pretty smelly, so I'm not sure how well the baking soda part works...

The "Every-Change-Items."
The things we use every diaper change always stay on top of the table or in the side plastic basket, within easy reach.
It's always powder for both girls, this hand sanitizer (which is amazingly baby friendly), and some kind of Aveeno lotion for Addie, who has super dry skin.

Frequently used products.
The middle basket of the changing table houses these necessities that we use ALL THE TIME (just maybe not every change.)
Gas Drops.
Hydrocortisone or Addie's prescription strength exima cream.

Doesn't this just make you want to change diapers? 

If so, come on over and get your hands dirty! 

Happy Midweek and Feast of St. Joseph (a day late).

Linking up with Hallie for some Five Faves Fun!

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