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Monday, May 23, 2016

Toddler Girls' "Sea Salt" Bedroom


The girls' bedroom is finally coming together enough to share the progress!  (At least Addie has been asking me to take pictures of their room so I'll take that as a GO!)

When we moved in last August, Adelaide was 3 and June had turned 2 in June.  I wanted their room to be something that they could be excited about as toddlers but that could also grow with them into their school age years and maybe beyond (hence the no Hello Kitty or Minnie Mouse decor - because I don't want to get new bedding every two years when they are onto something new).
BUT I'm not a total SCROOGE - they do sleep on their princess pillow cases most of the time... I'm just cheap and would rather use this stuff for another 10-15 years!!!
And I still used pink and purple paint (but only in the closet) 

Here's a shot of the before, the picture from the listing didn't make it look too bad (I unfortunately lost the ones I took) - 
The room used to be green and purple and the ceiling was off white.  The wood lattice work on both of the windows, along with the floor trim, was all a medium wood tone.  So the ceiling, trim, windows and walls all had to be prepped and painted.  The closet just had a tinted primer on the walls, which rubbed off to the touch, so that had to be primed and painted, along with the wood shelves in there too.  Lights, switches, outlets and their covers were all changed out by Bill.  Every inch of the floor had to be cleaned and sealed. In other words, it was a labor of love just to get this room ready to fill up - it took me about 9 days of 4-5 hours each day (think taping each window pane in the two old windows and then using a box cutter to cut out all the tape along the wood lattices after painting... a very tedious process!)

The bedroom wall color is Sherwin Williams Sea Salt, SW 6204, one of the prettiest green-blue-gray neutrals that looks good with literally any other color.  Sometimes it's really green, sometimes more blue, like in the evenings, and sometimes it reads gray.  And all those colors are great backdrops for the pops of color I wanted to use in the girls' room!  This color can morph from gray to green to blue depending on the time of day and lighting - you just can't go wrong with it!
And then the purple and pink I used are below - closet wall = SW Charming Pink and closet ceiling = SW Ash Violet

You can see the wood trim and shelves in the closet are now white (I used SW Pure White in semi-gloss).
We took off the doors because they were broken and decided to leave them off and put curtains up! 

I will post ITEM SOURCES for the room in the next couple of weeks in case you want to know where everything came from but for now, I hope you enjoy scrolling through the pictures of Addie and June's room!

Even on a cloudy day the two windows bring in a lot of light! 

I hope this gave you an idea of how great SW SEA SALT is (I also used it in their bathroom and will use it in the laundry room).
I'll post the SOURCES soon.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!

Paint colors used again are:
*SW Sea Salt for walls 
*SW Pure White Flat on ceiling, Pure White in Semi-gloss on trim and closet shelves
*SW Charming Pink for closet walls
*SW Ash Violet on closet ceiling
*paint chip pictures taken from Pinterest.


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