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Monday, December 1, 2014

7 Not Very Quick Takes - A Baby, Hikes, Wrestling, Halloween Costumes and Thanksgiving 2014

Since this post has been in my saved file for over a month now… and the fact that it's the start of Advent… and actually December (eek!), I figured I'd torture you few readers with long overdue pictures of the girls and random commentary.

In a recent post, I finally spilled the beans about expecting a new one.  Phew, it's hard to keep that kind of thing under wraps for so long (you would know it for sure if you saw me in person, though).

And then the last post revealed what we were having.  
I'm thinking that Baby Williams' official nickname has to be BW3.  Get it?  Not after BW3s the restaurant, but because it's the 3rd Baby Williams ya know?

Now onto a 7 Quick Long Takes that's more than fashionably late -

I was definitely thinking that we were going to have a boy with this baby because I was pretty nauseous with this guy from day one.  It wasn't as severe with the girls so I had a feeling it was a boy!
At this moment in our household, I have no idea what we'd do with a boy because this is what usually goes on in our house - 

I've gotta stop taking pictures of the vacuum.

Luckily this goes on too - 

2.) Wrestling has become a fave (so the baby's definitely got that going for him) - 

Addie asks her to do this, knowing she can't jump on June.

Getting ready to pounce their dad.

3.) Hikes and exploring outside were all they wanted to do in October (when it was a tad warmer of course) -

Addie always says, "Lets go on an adventure, Jumie."

The hard part is getting them to come inside… even in the cold! 

Leaves with grandpa!

And even though it's gotten really cold recently, they still don't want to come inside - 
June will actually go and hide behind the Mary statue when she's protesting to come in! 

4.) Last month they took turns pretending like they were driving Bill's favorite car (I think it was some kind of mustang… I can't keep track of these things, sorry Bill heehee).
It was hysterical! 

June kept saying, "Go, go!"  She couldn't be more Trouble if I imagined it up.

She kicked and screamed for 5 minutes when it was time to get out.

5.)  Addie has gotten super into drawing and art lately (more so than usual) and is really using her imagination these days - 

This is her first self-portrait.
This is everyone in the family.

And June has to do EVERY art project that Addie does - she just doesn't sit down as long!

Haha! And she's become a SUPER picky eater lately.  Good thing she's cute - 

… especially in her snow boots - 
That was randomly connected.  You still with me? HANG ON for some Halloween pics.

6.) And since we are about to start ADVENT (with our sticker calendar)...

And another one with flaps

… I thought it'd be a good idea to post some pics of the girls in their Halloween costumes - 

June's like, "Why me?!"

We only did the block because it was 20 degrees and spitting rain!

And Addie loved helping me make Halloween cookies! 

7.) And finally, a few pics of the decor from our Thanksgiving of 45 people, hosted by mom and dad for the first time - 

One of the 3 deep fried turkeys, carved by Jon.
Grandma Reva and Teagan.
The start of the dessert table.

Phew!  See what I mean?  Torturous! 
Linking up with fun Kelly a few days  a month late.

Happy start to Advent! 

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  1. Omg!!!! I loved this one!!!! You are hilarious! And your babes are sooooo adorable! We have the girl...girl...boy thing here... And believe me, he will be loved!!!!! So much fun in your home...such wonderful memories you are creating. Prayers and hugs for a happy, healthy pregnancy. : )


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