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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

4th of July PICS

The 4th of July has always been one of my favorite holidays.
There has been a longstanding tradition of my extended family getting together for years and years - starting back with gathering at my great grandparents' farm - to now getting together at my parent's house.
There's games like horseshoes, volleyball, whiffle ball, croquet, bad mitten, etc., FOOD all day, and fireworks at night.
This year was a little different because my grandmother took a scary fall in the afternoon and is currently recovering in a rehab facility (prayers please!).
So I'm posting these pics because she was worried about ruining everyone's 4th (even though she is the best reason to celebrate this family holiday), to show her that she could never ruin anything where she is present.
Here's to many more special holidays with my grandma Reva! 

All celebrations should begin with nail polish.

And photo shoots in the yard with babies wearing sunglasses...

My mom had these dresses made for the girls - the cutest! 

AJ is attempting a cheese here!
Sandal shot

The only soft drinks all year these boys get is reason to celebrate!!! 

Taken by Addie

No fireworks this year, just sparklers, which the little ones loved.

Happy Independence Day and prayers for the Queen of the 4th of July - Grandma Reva! 


  1. Wonderful!!!
    Love your matching dresses. : )
    Hope Grandma is on the mend, my friend.
    Oh, and I adore your sweet family pic!

  2. What a wonderful holiday weekend! Absolutely love those darling dresses. Very sweet.
    Keep on enjoying your summer with your family.


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