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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Welcome Baby Trip!

Dear Trip,
(*I wrote this when you were about to turn 2 weeks old, and now that I'm finally posting it, ten days later, it seems like an eternity ago that you were born!  Just a warning - I was a bit over emotional and hormonal after just having left the hospital, so bear with me... but here are some pics from your first days of life.)

We had no idea know we would fall in love with you so fast.  
The instant you were born, our love for you (and your sisters) felt like it was multiplied by 100.  
No one could have explained it to us in a way we could have understood, just as I probably can't explain it to you now - that having you as an addition to our family was/is the greatest gift we could have been given.  
Being blessed with you has only ADDED to our lives! 

You were by far the quickest labor I had to go through (only 10 hours!!!) even though you decided to give your old mom back labor (ouch) by facing sunny side up as you popped out (Addie's term).  
You seemed so small compared to your 45 and 35 lb. sisters that for the 20 minutes you laid on my chest after birth, I couldn't stop commenting on how CUTE and oh so LITTLE you were.  
Shortly afterwards, when the nurse set you on the scale, everyone laughed to see you were actually 10 lbs. even!  
We still weren't sure of your name by the time you popped out, but are so glad that we chose William Paul Williams, III.  (I just hope you don't mind the nickname as you get older!)

Even though you've only been with us for 2 weeks, we can't remember what it was like without you and always want you to know how special you are to all of us.  
We are excited for all that is to come and want you to remember that God has given you a heart of strength and courage to always use according to His plan for you! 

On May 22nd (your birthday), today, and always, please know you have SUCH a special place in all of our hearts, forever and ever.
We love you to the moon and back and then back again,

Mom, Dad, Addie, and June

Day 1 -
Hmmm, I wonder who you got that scowl from???


Day 2 - 
The girls came to see you in the hospital - 
 These two already love you very much as you will soon find out! 

June trying to squish you (she's been doing that for the whole two weeks you've been around):

You had other fun visitors too! 

It's tradition for grandma to get the kiddos a lovey and the girls just had to bring your horse to the hospital for you - 

Not to worrry, none of us starved while in the hospital because your dad went to get us Chipotle! 
This meal was worthy of a snap! 

Tradition has it that you had to wear an outfit home gifted to you by aunt Katie - 

We were definitely all ready to get home at this point! 

And grandma had our room all set up for us! 

Trip, we love you so much already buddy, and are so glad you're here!!!

A pic of your dad's shirt with you and your sister's footprints on it! ;) Something I'm sure he'll always cherish! 


  1. Welcome sweet baby!!!!
    And congratulations to you all!
    The best times are when babies come. : )
    Enjoy every single moment of your new family.


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