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Friday, September 4, 2015

2015 Summer Pics

Now that September has hit, I thought I should get together some summer pics!  We spent the summer living at my mom and dad's and have only been in the new house two weeks, with months of work still to go!
It's no secret that we've had our hands more full than usual with renovating our new house; so even though I've dropped the ball in the blog world,  I'm hoping I snapped enough pics to do Trip's first few months justice!  

Here's what we we've been up to -

We celebrated June's 2nd birthday in June at a little splash park with family and she still talks about her Bubble Guppies cake (every.day.) - 

There was a kitchen to pick out (and a house to renovate - before pics coming soon!)-

The kitchen BEFORE.

More to come! 

A horse to visit - 

and ride - 

Mall trains to ride with grandma -

Uncle Michael's wedding to go to - 

Campfires because it was such a mild summer - 

A super fun 4th of July - 

A fun visit with two great grad school friends - 

Loving our annual trip to the State Fair - 

Waiting for the train ride with grandma.

And then lots of other stuff in between - 

Hope you all had a wonderful summer as well... cheers to FALL! 

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