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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Front Porch Light Fixtures

Front Porch Makeover, Part 2

As soon as the new rough cedar posts were up and bringing the house out of the 1960's, those darn posts quickly pointed out how bad the rest of the front of the house looked.  
I think how terrible the rest of the outside looked is what Bill kept saying. "Look how awful the lights look; look at how terrible the door looks..." FYI, for Bill to notice this stuff that much meant it must have looked really really bad.  He doesn't always pay close attention to details (or any attention to details, actually, haha!).  Okay, okay, I shouldn't tease my husband handyman so much, especially because I want him to keep helping me around here ;) - he's a keeper!

You've been warned - once you start updating just part of something in or outside a house, it's hard not to want to change the rest.  Not all big changes are costly (my favorite ones aren't, that's for sure), and most the time we can't do everything all at once, BUT there are small and fairly inexpensive things that can really have big impact, like NEW LIGHTS!!!

So next on the front porch list is the light fixtures, then the door, entry, shutters, porch furniture, etc.; but for today, light fixtures.

Bill couldn't get over these beauties eye sores.  They had to go.  IN.THE.TRASH.
Porch sconces BEFORE -
And just in case you wanted to see it up close -
They were pretty rough - 

So I went for the least expensive lights I could find while still fitting in with the style I was going for - 
this brand is from Menards and ON SALE.  
Kind of farm-housey, kind of nautical, kind of cheap.  
Of course I liked some that were $10-$150 more expensive, but I think they still make an impact while staying on budget for now. 

You see, I shouldn't tease my handyman electrician too much, he's at work again for me... 
although he doesn't have the EASIEST time with lights (think oil and water; Bill = oil, light fixtures = water.  He admitingly struggles with putting lights up but thank goodness he still does it!).  
Oh no, I teased him again!  
Teasing is my love language. 
I can't help it - but he's cute nonetheless-

And the lights are pretty cute too - 

*It's safe to say I like to go overboard with pictures; but then there are times I don't take enough or any at all.  Not much in between. 
This is not one of those times.  
Much better IMO!

We also have a lamp post out by the driveway that needed sprucing up.  
Our old one wasn't THAT terrible like the sconces were, but it didn't sit on the pole all the way and the pole itself had a good lean to it.
 Even adjusting the lamp post and positioning the light on straight would have helped tremendously, but I'm glad we switched out the light at the end of the day. 

Here's what it looked like before -
Hello dark purple tulips.  See you in a couple weeks peonies.

I was able to find a lamp post light ($8 off right now at Menards) that was a similar style to the sconces for half off through a swap page I'm on, so I was pretty excited!  
At $23, I would make it work!

Glad I've got that electrician...

Who straightened the post out too! 

And the end result looks a lot better, especially in the stone bed Bill made surrounding it (told you he was a keeper).  
Just some light sanding, black spray paint, straightening the post and switching the light made for a much cooler lamp post! 

We are doing a few more things to spruce up the porch.
Don't those cedar posts look a lot better than the old metal ones?!  
And our plants are coming up in mulched beds! 
Woo woo for spring - 

Hope you're weekend is filled with fun outdoor projects too!
We'll be under the porch staying out of all this rain!  


  1. Thanks for not telling the world I talk to myself the entire time I'm working on light fixtures. Oh, light fixtures...

    1. Bill, you're amazing! Phil just hires a guy :)

  2. I think it's great that you can tease your husband, have fun and still get him to do projects like this! Good for you both! By the way, I really love the lights you chose! They remind me of something magical from a fairy tale wonderland! Your post has inspired me to go and hunt down some cute lamps and lights too!


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