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Friday, May 27, 2016

7 Quick Takes Friday!

Linking up with Kelly this Friday! 

Trip Trip turned 1 on Sunday!!!
We just had a few balloons and family over for cake to enjoy the 78 degree weather. 
I made a 3 layer cake with a cheesecake layer in the middle and buttercream frosting.  It was time consuming but worth it, I think! 
Blue on the bottom, a little icing, then cheesecake layer (after making it and freezing it until firm), a little icing, then blue! 

Here's what Trip's been up to lately -  
Pic at the Dr.'s office, who said he's in the 90% for weight at 25.8 pounds... hmm, I have yet to see other 1 year olds this big with their mom's arms falling off, but okay! :)
Tripster totally could walk if he wanted to (his max is 12 steps), but he much more prefers to hold Addie's hand - 
And of course he thinks he should do EVERYTHING that the girls do - 

Sometimes it's like this: 

And other times it's like this: 
June designated this spot for pouting.
We are still working on the porch and last weekend we worked around the front door - took off all the hardware and spray painted it silver (and the knocker black) and then painted the door and glazed the old windows.  Glazing is something I'll never do again!!!  It took us forever for six small windows that frame the door.  I guess that's why people buy NEW windows... we will... someday! 
Last shot of the door white! 
The old glaze was looking really old - 
Dad's heat gun to the rescue! 
Then it was scraping and painting around the door - at night 3 nights this week -

At the beginning of the week, I posted pictures of the GIRLS' BEDROOM.
We've been in the house 9 months and it's finally to the point where it feels like a bedroom!  They seem to like it! 
June's bed
But sometimes June finds a spot on the floor to sleep!!!
Her falling asleep on the floor was a first - she wanted to nap where Addie was in our room but never made it up into the bed.
We went to Pittsburgh (well, actually the borough, Sewickley, 12 miles outside of the city) to visit my sister and brother-in-law and baby Gemma.  It was such a great break to get away and see where they live (they live in the most fabulous old house with tall ceilings, three stories, and a huge front porch) and of course see Gemma at 5.5 months.  She is a doll!  

And Trip didn't even try to eat her, so that was good! 

I've been painting a lot lately in my "free time"ha!... it actually might be the only thing that's keeping me sane these days!
Scraping and painting around the door.
And so on and so on! 

A great perk of Bill's job is that he gets to demo a different car every month.  He took out the most impractical car this past week - a Mustang convertible.  It doesn't fit all the car seats which can be a pain, but when I saw how much the girls liked riding with the top down, all was forgiven - 
Sorry I'm not a car person, Bill-Bill!  
In all it's glory, in front of dad's 1970s horse trailer -  
Just looking at this makes me CAR SICK! 

I guess the fast car is fitting with the 100th running of the INDY 500 this Sunday! 

Happy cruising this Memorial Day weekend! 


  1. At least in the last sisters picture they weren't trying to throttle each other! I will take silently pouting over that any day!

    1. Haha that's a great point! And even though they drive each other nuts a lot of the time, they would always rather do everything together and never want to leave the other one out so I feel like we are blessed!


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