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Monday, June 13, 2016

June Turns 3!!!

"The moment I saw you,
I knew an adventure 
was going to happen."

June Mercedes Turns 3!

A few weeks ago, June decided she wanted to have a princess cake for her third birthday:

Then the week before her birthday, she changed her mind - from Princess to Batman.

She was very clear that she wanted a black batman party (Dark Knight as opposed to the old school blue batman I assumed).

She was probably thinking Christian Bale:

was a better Batman than this guy -

I can't say I blame her (not that she's even seen any Batman movies, of course!!!)! ;)

But she was adamant that she wanted the black batman (the old school one is everywhere now), so I made a couple of handmade posters and hung a few balloons to bring the black in!

I tried to get a sibling shot while Trip was sitting still - 

I had to throw a black batman on the cake to try to distract her from all the blue!
And I made sure the table was black with a little yellow and blue on the ends -
Side note - Trip likes pizza!
Woo Hoo!
Then it was present hugging time:

Poor Trip!
Taking down Trip! 
She was pretty serious about her cake (probably looking for the black batman) -

And then the kiddos stayed cool in the 95% heat by playing in the water!

She thought she was pretty cool being the birthday girl the whole day and it was really cute! 

Oh Junie, your BIG personality, zeal for life, and willingness to try anything makes us fall more in love with you every day!   
At 3, you love to sing songs (and somehow know all the words to so many of them), snuggle, play make believe, ride your bike, dig in the dirt, dress up, play with dolls, build, color, and anything, really!  
Oh yea, and you always try to keep up with Addie, who at only 17 months older, loves being your BIG sister! You look up to her and try to emulate her all the time!  You're inseparable! 

You're always up for an adventure and you make our life a great adventure because you're in it!  

Happy 3rd Birthday, Junie Bug!!!
We love you more than we know how to put into words and you will always have a most special place in our lives!
xoxo, Mom, Dad, Addie, And Trippy


  1. So funny how she changed her mind. At least you hadn't gotten the princess cake yet - that could have been a hard theme to change it into!

    1. Haha, I know, glad I waited until last minute! She is too funny at three!


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