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Saturday, June 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

This week has flown by and I've yet to post to the blog world.  This is kind of a mix of 7 Quick Takes and Five Favorites - two link ups I don't like to miss, even with impending delivery.  :-)
But at this rate, I doubt this little one will come in 2013... 
So here's a little of our week at Casa Williams: 

1. Rainy days.  The weather has been awesome spring weather in early June and I can't complain.  I kind of wish it was high 70s and mild all the time.  And who needs pool days when there are puddles to jump in at grandmas?

"Should I keep running in the rain?"


2. The color orange.  Jeep Wranglers.  Together - yes please!  If Bill hopes for a Ferrari in retirement (yea right), I'll keep my eyes set on this for my ride - 

3. Friends' babies. Lots of babies have made their appearance in our group of friends but of all the babies born this year, I'm one of the last to still be preggos.  You'd think that this little one would want to come out to play with all her new friends, but not yet...

Me with Connie's baby, Luke, yesterday.
I guess this pic explains why people ask me if I'm having twins.
Ouch! Don't know if I can stretch any bigger!

Maryjane with baby Corinne

4. Red Raspberry Leaf Tea.  This concoction hasn't made me go into labor yet but it's become a daily routine in the past week.  Every morning I brew 3 + cups and then drink it as iced tea throughout the day. Pretty tasty! 

The goods - I boil water and toss in some of this.

And a bag of this to help with taste

And a little of this after tea has been strained

Add over ice - vuala!

5. Color Time.  Addie has been really into coloring and drawing with crayons and chalk and will intently do it for 30 minutes.  It makes it nice for me because I'm supposed to keep my feet up whenever possible.  But I have to say it's pretty remarkable that she is this into it at her age!  What concentration ;)

Coloring on the porch

After trying to take her to the park some days, coloring seems like a better option for this stuffed mama

6.  St. Vincent Women's Hospital - where I'll deliver the bug.  I've had to make a few too many visits here lately to have my blood pressure monitored and I was last told that if I make another trip, this puff will have to make her appearance.  Hence putting my feet up and not taking AJ to the park all the time...

7. And last but not least, before the bug makes her appearance, the 3 of us are trying to get more of this (which is easier said than done) - 

Night, night

Hope you all have a restful and relaxing June weekend! 


  1. And I don't see my first comment here yet, so I am wondering if maybe your sweet bundle has arrived?!

  2. Never mind...I guess I didn't ever publish my first comment...so I will try again!

    Love all the pictures of you sweet family...and I am with you on the weather. 70's and breezy beat 90's and sun everytime!

    She does do any awesome job with coloring. That will come on handy when your new baby arrives. Big sis can hop up beside you and color away!

    Maybe a few new color books and some sharp, fresh crayons as a gift from little sis to big sis?

    Thinking of you and waiting to meet your new blessing!

    1. hmmmm that's weird. i thought I saw it earlier!
      thanks for the comment! you are so sweet!
      and no, the lil one is still nice and comfy right where she is this weekend.
      my BP still isn't great so i'm not sure what the next coupe of days will bring but it CAN'T be too much longer!
      i'll def. post as soon as i'm out of the hospital.

  3. Thanks for the great "serving suggestion" on that horrible raspberry leaf tea! This combo makes it so much more bearable!


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