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Monday, June 3, 2013

9 Months and Counting Selfie

When a chica has a couple of weeks left of pregnancy and gets comments from strangers about her size,  being asked all the time if there are twins brewing in there, plus can't pick up her 30 pounder anymore (except when she NEEDS to be carried 4 blocks because something spooked her today), or go grocery shopping for 1.5 hours anymore (except yesterday), all she can think about is... 

How blessed she is AND

that she better not complain for a second (except to her husband) because 

No one really wants to hear about it!  
And probably no one wants to SEE it either!  
But here you go for those of you who can't look away - 

 This angle makes me look much smaller than I am.  Don't know how I pulled that one off.

Shirt - Motherhood Maternity - Sale $15
Skirt - Gap Maternity - Sale $5

I'm not sure if I'll appreciate the few selfie pics that I've taken this pregnancy or ever look back on them, but since they've been posted in blog world, I guess there's no taking them back! 

Side Note - We found out that the "bug" is already at least 8 lbs. last week, so we'll see how big she ends up being! 

Now I only wish that I was confident enough to link up with Grace and her Sunday Best after this one... but with the bug on the way, I don't think I'll be posting anything for a good 6 + months!  Now go check her out! 


  1. You look amazing, Sarah...for real! Can't wait to meet your new sweetie... : )

  2. I'm gonna send you a 9 months pregnant picture with Alexander...I think I still win. You look beautiful, I'm not even kidding.

  3. I have been meaning to comment on this post since you wrote it! I can't tell you how happy it made me :). Is that weird to say?
    You look great! I love your baby bump. Soon and very soon it will be gone :).


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