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Friday, April 25, 2014

7 QT - Doors and the Outdoors

So my first of the "quick" 7 Takes today has to be the status of Addie Jo and the wind (I'm assuming she'll think it's funny when she's graduating high school, or something like that…).
It has gotten a lot better in the past couple of weeks, actually to the point where I CAN'T GET HER TO COME INSIDE at night haha… but now she's afraid of other things like ormigas (ants), abejas (bees) and any other insect.
Hmmm what's a mom to do to get a WIN these days?  Yo no se.

Heres' proof we're on the upswing -
AHHH WIND!!! (she'll make sure to cover her ears - but notice the sunglasses and hat CAN be left inside sometimes).

*Just have a big 4.5 year old come over to tell you how cool it is to play outside and that helps, too -

Thanks, Audrey!
Helping outside with princess crown and shoes helps the situation too.

This June Bug wants to be outside all the time to eat dirt, grass, and bugs.
I'm not kidding! 
So between the bunnies and June eating the grass, poor Bill's got his work cut out for him in the yard! ;)

Don't let this face fool ya!  See that sneaky hand?!
Yum, yum.  At least it helps keep the grocery bill down ;)
I could just keep her UP in the swing all the time - she probably wouldn't mind! 

We're now onto the "next baby stage" with 10 month old June… Dum dum dum… dum!
She's moved out of her infant car seat to Addie's conversion chair!  Oh no!
Even though Junie got way too heavy and long to carry around, I've missed the convenience factor of that seat for sure, but I guess they can't stay small forever!
So that means that AJ had to get an even BIGGER chair and here's the proof that she thinks it's pretty cool:

She wanted to sit in it all day, while being buckled in!
And June loved the box it came in! 

A couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to hear my sister Janet give a talk at St. Luke, and it was so awesome to be there!  
Young and old girls alike can really benefit from her story and all that Verily is doing!  
So inspiring.

Sorry, Jan, you probably don't like this picture but it was great being in the audience.

Our first and only tulip to bloom thus far that's been around all week is right next to Mary, so it gets a lot of attention.

Now, it's a VERY different story down the street from us, where it looks like Spring is REALLY here:

One of the girls' favorite things to do is to see Bill off to work.  
They stand against the glass door for a good 5 minutes waving pounding on the door:

Or pushing against it to try to get out like Junie is here!

*Actually, they usually convene at the door.  When one is at a door, the other one has to follow!
I wonder if this will be the spot they meet at when they are older and conspiring against old mom and dad.  I can picture them sitting on the floor leaning against the door! ;) 

Lastly, I wanted to include all the pictures from the Easter Egg Hunt last weekend, but think I'll do that on the next post - so instead, I'll leave you with this shot - 
June low ridding in the grocery cart:

She leaned against my purse like this with her foot up the whole time we were at Target, even after I kept trying to help her get situated!  Oh Bug!!!

Happy Friday and hope it's a great weekend!  
Linking up, per usual, with the fabulous Jen at conversion diary.com!
Her book, Something Other Than God, about her conversion story, is now available. 
Can't wait to get my hands on that! 

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  1. Your kiddos are adorable! I love pics of kids standing in front of glass doors, looking out. I have so many of both my boys taken at my MIL's home before she passed away


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