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Friday, June 6, 2014

7QT - Summer Living, Great Grandma Time, and an Engagement

Since I've been adding to this 7 Quick Takes post in my drafts for the last three weeks, I thought I should probably finally post it.
So I'm sorry if you were holding your breath during those weeks. ;) ;)

School's out for SUMMER!
Okay, we weren't in school, but we are definitely living it up like we're on summer vacation over here!
The water table and our little blow up pool in the backyard are a hit - 

I usually just add the "semi cute pics" to my posts but this one is just too funny of June! Sorry, Junie!

And then there's grandma and grandpa's pool and bike riding - both of which we just kind of like the idea of.
Here is Addie "excited" for the pool -

Babies in swimsuits? Yes please.

AJ - you actually have to push on the pedals to gogo ;)

BUT, not to worry, AJ still likes being outside all the time - at parks, gardening, on walks to see the tree with the "funny face", and playing on grandpa's bridge - 

Last batch of peonies! 
Hair flipping at the park

Swish, swish is all I need to write for her hair status.

"Like this," Miss Molly.
I guess two year olds aren't fond of smiling for the camera! 
AJ talks about going to see the funny face tree every day!

The girls still aren't GREAT at playing together all the time because June really doesn't get "it" yet, BUT this happened recently - they shared a chair without screaming at each other! 

I guess food is a good distraction.

A couple of weeks ago, we had such a special afternoon with grandma Reva.
I couldn't help but snap some pics - 

Addie asked grandma to walk to the mailbox over and over again...

Grandma was such a good sport and played with AJ in the backyard for a LONG time - 

Grandma, you're hired!!!

Lots of things to talk about! 

Now this is serious - AJ's first ice cream cone - 

Don't blink, AJ ;)

Thank you for spoiling us, great grandma Reva! 

I've been getting a little sentimental this week because Addie Jo keeps pretending to go off to school.  
She's been doing that lately and I'm trying to hold it together.  
Pathetic, I know.  

I'll try to remember to get her out of her pajamas for the real thing...
"See ya, Mom," while I'm tearing up :)
Blowing kisses 
Shrugs me off
I don't know how I'm going to let her go to school SOMEDAY… how does anyone do it!?
 I guess she's just not allowed to grow up! 

And last, but definitely not least (I think it's okay to include because it's hit social media already, haha), CONGRATS to my sister Janet who got engaged to Brian! 
We're just so excited for them AND happy to gain an awesome brother (sorry you're stuck with us, Brian)! 

They got engaged in a Marian chapel and finished their first date in a Marian chapel… because Mary is awesome like that! 
Progression of rings over 4 weeks! 

Okay, cool dudes, as AJ says, and have a nice weekend!


We'll be celebrating the June Bug's 1st birthday! 


  1. Sweet sweet pics of your babes, Sarah!
    They remind me of Madison and Peyton some years ago. : )
    And beautiful engagement ring there!
    Enjoy these summer days! : )

  2. What wonderful photos that just scream "SUMMER"! Summer fun and summer days have become my absolute favorite. This year even more after the winter we had.
    Keep on enjoying your days with your cuties!


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