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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Yard = More Summer Living Space

We finally got ourselves in gear and are at a place we can enjoy the yard!  

Because our little bungalow became pretty tiny this past winter with being stuck inside for so long, that now that it's nice out, this casa seems ginormous (relatively speaking) because the outside really becomes an extension of the house!  
We get lots of use out of the front porch, back deck, and little yard - making the house seem oh so cute and livable again.   

Here's what we get to enjoy:

The best part of the yard is the peonies!  
We can't take any credit for how cool they are because they've been in this spot for at least 25 years!
 They are so big and heavy that Bill has to support them with wire and stakes so they don't lay on the grass.  
People walk by and ask to cut them when they bloom! 

And they've bloomed:

And then there are all the things that we hope to keep alive like...


Bill's raspberry bush

The tomatoes

Rosemary, thyme, oregano, and mint (that don't take much maintenance)

Luckily, we've got some extra help ;)

And the Mary bed is ready to go too!  

You all are welcome to come on over and sit on the deck with us for a mint mojito (I just can't promise that you won't be asked to play at the water table)!

Happy Yarding! 


  1. Beautiful, my friend!!
    And you are right...it is a beautiful extension of your home.
    We feel the same here...like how did we NOT be outside all those months?
    But...come late October, I'm sure I will be ready to head in for cozy time. : )

    1. Awe, thanks!
      and yes, like you, I LOVE the fall and being cozy inside, so that time of year is great, too!

  2. Oh man, I want to come play!!!! It looks so nice, especially compared to our postage stamp of a yard with bald spots and mud piles!

    1. Ha, thanks! But your yard is great! Your Mary statue has always stuck with me!
      And yes, a mojito and deck time is definitely overdue!

  3. Oh your yard and garden put mine to shame, I am so inspired!! Absolutely beautiful. I love love love how the yard makes the house feel so much bigger, and means so much less cleaning at the end of the day as well:)

  4. Um. Your peonies are gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.
    And the rest of your garden looks really pretty, too. I love the yellow tomato cages. What a smart idea to flaunt them with a pop of color, rather than use the pathetic rusty cages I've got.
    And where did you find impatiens? All the nurseries around here are still reeling from the powdery mildew and aren't selling them. Jealous!


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