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Friday, August 22, 2014

The Indiana State Fair 2014

We had such a great visit to the Indiana State fair this year!  What's really not to like, though, if you're crazy about FOOD farm animals!  

This year was pretty special because Addie got to take the Fair Train for the first time!

So I thought I'd share some feel good pics with you all (they're almost as fun as the fair haha):

Waiting for the Train - 

Addie kept telling Junie that she's too little to ride the train. Pobresita, Jumie.

To a 2.5 yr. old, this was a BIG deal!

The "doctor" checked her ticket.

Grandma and Addie finally made it into the fair… although they were the last ones off the train, of course. ;)

So we saw ALL the animals - the goats, the pigs, the cows - but the HORSIES were the favorite (shocker to any of you who have ever seen this blog, I know, heehee)!

Even watching them get cleaned was cool for Cowgirl Addie.

She could have done this all day!

And grandma too!

Lots of barns to walk though! 

The girls weren't really into the tractors yet (unfortunately for grandpa).

Then after the train and animals, the girls loved a wonderful surprise in Pioneer Village - 
LIVE MUSIC just for them! 

June was in shock.  She didn't know what to do... 

It's okay, Jumie.

Addie, on the other hand… well, you'll see - 

They played for AJ for a good 25 minutes! 

June needed a break to say the least.  Probably like you all do from these dancing pics!

And finally, even though it is a struggle every year, I made the girls take pics with the cow cutout like always (it could have been a lot worse than it was) and I think I got some framers - 

June was just about to be a sweaty, sleepy mess in the stroller when we put her behind this.

June wanted a turn again.

Got it.

Lastly, if you haven't had a footlong corn dog in your life, I dare say you haven't fully lived!  ;) ;) 

My lunch.  Hard to top.

Here's to many more summers and years of fair going! 

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