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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Celebrating The Bride To Be - A Few Pics from Janet's Bridal Shower

We celebrated our Bride to Be last weekend with a bridal shower and bachelorette gathering! 

It's only 2.MORE.MONTHS before my baby sister gets hitched and we couldn't be more excited for Janet and Brian (check out their cute wedding website - don't you just love those things?!)!

This past weekend, my mom hosted the most beautiful old-fashioned-style TEA PARTY as an afternoon shower; and then Katie and I hosted a "slumber party" type bachelorette to celebrate Janet's Journey to Brian later that night.  

Here's what the special day looked like:

Of course there was tea served at the TEA bridal shower -

…and the "signature" drink -
Janet's color is purple so Lavender Champagne it was!

The beautiful cake from Classic Cakes

All the favor boxes wrapped in beautiful shades of purple and used as decor (by mom) -

All the vintage plates and tea cups - 

Mom kept saying take pictures of the table, and I always listen to my momma :)

The Bride posing - 

Sisters -

Tea sandwiches, fruit, and nuts - all yum - 

And then we had cute games of He Said/She Said, Find the Groom, AND great storytelling from Brian's sister Kathryn, about how she and Alexandra set up Janet and Brian's first blind date in NYC, all the way from South Bend, Indiana!

Janet even got a great bouquet out of it all! 

Then later that night for the bachelorette, Katie and I came up with the cheesy theme of Janet's Journey To Brian - to go though Janet's life before meeting Brian - growing up in Indiana, spending time in Arizona, studying in Austria and speaking German, and living in NYC for 8 years.

Here a few pics from that night...

You can kind of get a sense of the journey with the table decor!
Close up of the sugar cookies
Of course she was embarrassed by all of it!  Which was fun for us!

The drink table -

 With purple mojitos of course (and purple sugar rimmed glasses) - 
And the drink table had this picture on it - a double wedding of barbies and toilet paper that Janet created when she was 8 or 10 or something - 

We only left the house for dinner at La Hacienda, and of course she was still embarrassed beyond belief!

Because what would a bachelorette night be without a margarita?

***One of the funniest parts of the night was dad sleeping in his barn to get out of the house full of 10 girls -
He might get too used to this!

Happy almost wedding, Jan!  We can't wait for the big day! 

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  1. Best hostesses ever! Please know that Sarah is being modest, but this was the most well thought out evening I've ever seen, with every detail perfection. And then we got to be roommies and stayed up talking 'til 2AM! Superwomen, these Sahm sisters!


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