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Monday, October 6, 2014

The Best Pumpkin Patch Trip of All Time!

We went to a pumpkin patch yesterday on the south side of the Indy with the Sahms and aunt Katie.
We had the best time and it will be something I will always remember because of what Addie got to do - you'll have to scroll down to see what her surprise was! 

Addie was looking for the SMALLEST one she could find - she said they were all too grande and heavy.
June might have a winner!

They had the most beautiful pumpkins! 
This one passed June's inspection!
She even had uncle Andy join in the hunt for the smallest pumpkin.
Two peas in a pod.
These two, on the other hand, were trying to find the BIGGEST ones.

Addie had a hard time focusing on finding a pumpkin with the pony and horse walking alongside the patch.  She kept saying she wanted to ride one sooooo badly!  We thought, okay, she says that, but will she really want to (she's pretty timid with that stuff).

Oh hi.

We found some beauties! *Even a "kind of" small one.

Then we just had to take a pony ride - with dad of course! 

"Look at me, Mom."

And THEN, because she kept asking and asking and asking, the nice horse ladies let Addie ride the BIG horse, too!

But this time - by herself! 

Every cowgirl's dream!
Yep, by herself - with her dad no where near her! He must have trusted his 2 year old! 

June wanted to sit on Brandy, too!  But no walking for her.

Bye Brandy!

It was a beautiful, chilly fall day at the pumpkin patch (where a little cowgirl's dream came true)!

AND, just as I was about to post these pictures, I got an email from my mom that I thought I'd share too - Pics of me circa 1984 and Andy and Katie circa 1985 - 

Captioned, "Doesn't seem that long ago…"

Happy Monday and Happy pumpkin picking! 

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