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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Summer Pics, August, 2014 - the last of the bunch

August, 2014

August seemed to fly by (and so has September now that this month is over!) with the Fair and Janet in town for her shower; but it was a month of nice family time around home in Indy.
Although, if I'm super honest, it might go down in the books as one of the hardest months of being a mom to a 2.5 year old with a 14 mo. old wild sister, just saying ;).
Gotta take the good with the bad though, right?  And luckily they're too cute to boot!

A few pics from the month - 

I caught this cowgirl shaking it - 

We got ice cream in August of course, - 

She's in heaven!
More treats - AJ was the sugar cookie taster for the shower!
Bill wanted this job, let me tell you! 

 June loved keeping an eye out or dogs per usual-

And walking to her cousins' house with Addie in the stroller - 
These two trying to pose was hysterical!

Nana and aunt Lisa came to visit for a night and brought a big surprise -
A rocking horse!
They both LOVE it!  Thanks, Nana, and aunt Theresa for painting it!

Junie really dug her shades - 

And trips to Lowes - (which kind of became our thing to do if I needed to get them out of the house) - 

We had a few trips to the museum (have I mentioned I love that we have a yearly pass??!!) - 

June was pretty pleased with herself on the carousel. 

They love the horses and the train to play on!

They also got to go to a Bishop Chatard Volleyball game with grandpa.  
Addie was soooo scared of the "knight" mascot (it's a Trojan), that we had to shield her whenever he walked by.  It was kind of funny. 

The shades were a good shield from the Trojan/knight.

This is June at the park, every.single.time.
And last but not least, we finally got some ripe tomatoes at the end of August - 

And they were a hit with June! 

And that's a summer wrap!  

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