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Monday, January 26, 2015

Cowgirl Addie's 3rd Birthday

A couple of weeks ago, our first baby, as Addie calls herself, turned a whopping 3 years old! 
We celebrated with family in cowgirl style for our little cowgirl! 

On her big day, she first opened the t-shirt she was going to wear (while still in her cowgirl pjs that grandpa and grandma Williams gifted her on their way down to sunny Florida) -

I found it at birthday direct along with her birthday plates.
The table was pink with white horses - 

And Junie was a cowgirl too!

We took some pics with cowgirl grandma - 

And while hugging cowboy grandpa - 

Addie got a new hat from grandma and grandpa that she opened right away to wear - 

Then I tried for a cousin shot because we forgot to get one at Christmas - 

June's trying to show off her boots here.

Then the kiddos played pin the tail on the cow -

Addie requested a cake with horses on it and even though she was a bit overwhelmed and didn't seem too excited when it came to singing happy birthday, I think she still loved it (at least that's what she said after the party was over haha)! 

Finally, a smile! 

June had to help open her gifts of course!
The both loved all the old My Little Ponies :) 

And before everyone left, there was a Cowgirl dance that Addie and Teagan danced to - 

What a wonderful celebration of this special girl!  
We love you dear Adelaide! 


Gracias for saying Hola!

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