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Friday, February 13, 2015

5 Faves - Toddler Toys During Our Move

In the midst of packing up the house, there have been a few key toys that the girls keep going back to every day.   I appreciate that they're entertaining enough to keep them busy for a good ten minutes!

Here are some popular toys in our house to occupy a 20 month old and a 3 year old -  

1.) Magnetic Dolls.
Melissa and Doug dolls.  There are enough outfits to share and it comes with two dolls.  A huge hit with both the girls!

They also really like this Julia sport doll too - 
Magnetic Dress-Up

2.) Kinetic Sand.  
I usually have some clean up after we get the sand out, but with having to vacuum everyday anyways, it's no big deal.  This is a huge hit with the girls and their dad! 

Addie talks about going to the beach every time we get this out! 

3.) Magnets again - Animal Magnets for the fridge.  
These might be such a big hit because they are for the refrigerator, which is in the kitchen, where the baking cart is, where June's boots are - all things she plays with when she goes to the kitchen!
Animal Magnets

4.) Doctor Kit.  
They have this Doc Mcstuffins kit and another one for animals that they constantly use to give check-ups - to their dolls, horses, the baby, etc.  

June will cook and cut and talk on the phone in her kitchen even when Addie and I aren't in the toy room with her - pretty cute that this keeps her so busy!

5.5) And one extra - Moving Boxes.
This is probably a given because what kid doesn't love to play with cardboard boxes (especially when there's an actual gift inside you hope they like)?  So when the boxes come out, the girls claim them as their ships and could play with them for awhile!  

Some boxes get destroyed but I think it's worth the $1.18.

There you have it.  Toddler toys that have saved us while packing up the house! 
Only a couple more weeks until the house will be free of clutter and staged... woo hop!

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  1. I can only imagine how imagine how much fun those babes are having in all those boxes!
    We have the a Doc mcStuffins kit too...
    And it is loved!!!


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