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Thursday, September 4, 2014

5 Faves - On the Cheap!

Linking up with and Mama Knows, Honeychild and  rockin' some cheap FIVE FAVES this week. 

1.) Inexpensive phone case
I always buy my iphone cases at Marshall's because a case that would cost $35 - $40 at an Apple or AT&T store, is only $7 - $10 at Marshalls/Tjmaxx!  I feel like this fact is a huge secret that I have to share with the world haha!  Unless you're really picky, you can find great, sturdy cases (even for someone like me, who drops my phone all the time)!  Psssst, pass this secret along! ;) 

While I was standing in line to purchase my phone case, I saw a sign that said TJMAXX is now an online too.  WHAT?! I feel like I've hit the jackpot, although Bill probably feels like he's done for with this news! lol

 2. Nail Polish for around $1.
All I can say is BIG LOTS is where it's at for all things makeup!  I can always find the best stuff for next to nothing.  I haven't bought nail polish in ages so I was excited to find some new ones so that  I can finally toss my old polish out!  


3. After Season Items.  
Since summer is over and done with (well, other than it being  90 degrees today), I try to find what we need for the house or yard during the blowout after season sales.
This was our score this year - 

A $12.50 garden trellis from Lowe's that was originally $50.  Ummm, twist my arm much?

In action - holding up our raspberry bush! 

AND the cool thing is that my sister Katie gifted us with one too, so we'll have two for the bushes next year!
Thanks, Kate! 

4. EARLY Birthday/Christmas Presents.
Crazy, I know, I know.  And I try not to shop too far in advance for these things (especially when we haven't set a budget yet), but sometimes things are too cheap to pass up - 

Sofia Bedtime Doll.  Originally $30, now $7.  I'll keep it for a couple of months and then decide whether or not to take it back. Crazy, I admit! 

5. And lastly, cute flower girl shoes!
Aunt Janet's wedding is around the corner and I love finding buy one get one %50 off shoes that the girls can wear for Christmas too! 

Target is where it's at these days! 

Hope you've found some cheap favorites lately, too!  

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