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Thursday, January 28, 2016

And We Kept Partying On AND On

On the 5th day of Christmas, since we hadn't all seen enough of each other over the week, we got together again because 1. Janet and Brian and Gemma were still in town and 2. the kiddos still needed to do their exchange (Dollar Tree items), so spaghetti at our house it was! 
I hope that our kids love looking back at these pictures someday, remembering how fun it was and blessed we are to get to be together celebrating! 

But even more importantly, the Sunday after Christmas, we all were able to be at the baptism of Gemma Faustina!  
What a special event - and here in Indy - so we could all go! 

Christmas party pics - 

June sneaking her candy cane early.
Exchange time - 

And the best present opener goes to this one! 

"I'll take that!"

I wonder what color Trip's hair will be?!

Classic again

Teagan seemed really excited about the multicolored spiders June got him.  eh hum.

What a fun night!  
I love celebrating Christmas during the WHOLE Christmas season! ;) We are truly blessed to have our faith and each other during this magical time of year! 

And now onto Addie's JANUARY birthday pics before it's Valentine's Day! Geesh.

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  1. Hi!
    Keep posting!
    I so enjoy sharing your happy family moments and your love of family and of our faith. : )


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