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Friday, January 1, 2016

Fall Pictures 2015

So I know this site is turning into the unvisited picture dump blog and I think it might remain that way for awhile longer.  Even though I feel bad about not posting every tiny milestone Trip has made in his whopping 6 months of life, I am trying to go easy on myself in what I'm able to accomplish in my free time.  Since last February, I honestly haven't felt like I've actually had any extra time to keep up in blogdom.  It just seems to stay on the back burner, which I'm okay with for now.  Between selling our house for sale by owner (me), to moving in with my mom and dad, Bill traveling during the week for work training, to buying a house, having a baby, and renovating a house that we weren't able to move into until August 19th, having a baby that still doesn't sleep through the night, to still unpacking and organizing a house for 5, then working on house projects or just doing chores after the kids go down at night... I'm happy to be standing most days.
So while I'm on "vacation" while celebrating an early Chriatmas in Michigan with Bill's family in early December, and before we put our Christmas tree up on Monday night, I wanted to post some FALL pics of the kids.
*Fast forward to a month later and they are finally getting posted!!!
Okay, FALL PICS...

It was such a mild fall that we literally spent almost every day outside!
This was an impromptu dance party at our sweet neighbor's house.  Love this picture of June's legs.  

Good dance faces.

The girls and I went to a friend's wedding in October - 

Then it was back outside - 

Halloween - 

Mom's annual Halloween and Bill's birthday celebration - 

Hayride then treasure hunt! 

Then Fr. Jay came to visit! 
We got coffee downtown at the Southbend Chocolate Company - hence the random June pic with the bear.

Celebrating daily mass was the best! 

June looks a little upset that she had to wear a Pat's shirt. 

Getting a good picture just wasn't in the cards... but we are already looking forward to having Fr. Jay visit in two years again! 

Then it was Thanksgiving.  
We had a wonderful time at uncle Eddie's and a huge wonderful surprise in our little niece, Gemma, being born.  

Baby Gemma Faustina - all 6.7lbs of her - 

This little elf says hurry onto the Christmas pics! 

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