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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

More Christmas Celebration Pics

Once again, picture dump time!  I posted a ton of pics from Christmas Eve a few weeks ago, but not of our Christmas in Michigan or Christmas morning... so here you go, Mom! Haha.
We spent the first part of Advent in Michigan to celebrate Christmas.  We always look forward to getting away and celebrating an early Christmas will Bill's side of the family (I forgot my camera - well the BATTERY of the camera that was charging back at home - so I just took a few while we were there with my phone) -

No snow!

Then at Nana's - 

Our stop at Burger King on the trip back had to be the funniest thing - I told June not to touch anything while in the bathroom so Addie bear-hugged her to make sure she didn't touch anything and they almost fell over - about ten times for the 3 minutes we were in there.  Goofballs! 

Since it was only 6:45pm (ha!), we felt like we should pick up the tree on the way home.  Little did we know, we'd be bringing it back to a 48 degree house!  EEK, cold! 

Some pics from Christmas Morning - 
Trip and Bill getting the fire ready! 

Singing happy birthday to baby Jesus was the first thing the girls did.


And we ended the day at mom and dad's hanging out with 4 week old baby Gemma.  Hope you all had a blessed and holy Christmas... now that it's almost Lent! 

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