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Monday, March 18, 2013

St. Pat's!

Addie got to go to her first St. Patrick's Day parade this past weekend! 

Now Indianapolis does not boast a parade the size of the Boston Southy Parade, the Chicago Parade, or even the Newport, RI, parade (nor is as ethnically Irish as any of them), but it was fun to see all the little Catholic grade schools walking with the bagpipers and horses in the mix...
And although Adelaide is mainly of mixed German descent, she was a cute little Irish laddie for a day! 

Ready for the parade!



With Pops!

And Mama

GREEN going by

Oh hi horsies

Pretty pleased she got a sucker!
Lots to see with aunt Katie

Must be cool




Having some SERIOUS fun
SERIOUSly hungry!

SERIOUSly thirsty!

And that's all she wrote!

Happy St. Pat's!


  1. Finally a smile in that last picture! She looked so serious at the parade, must have been too much commotion! Happy St. Patty's Day Sarah, and so good to see Katie too. Hi Katie!

    1. Haha I know. Serious is kind of her shy thing when she's in a new place! It cracks us up! After she gets warmed up she will turn it on!
      Love reading your blogs! I fell off the face if the earth last week so it's fun to catch up! Those Martin kids sure are cute!

  2. Great pics, as always. Soon you are going to be photographing two babes!!


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