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Monday, March 4, 2013

What I love about March

 The month of March begins and I immediately think of this:

The greenness of Ireland

Now I only wish I could transplant myself there.

Green, green, green.  Here in Indianapolis, March truly marks the beginning of Spring, unlike so many other states, where it's usually winter through April - and it's usually right on schedule with when Spring begins - March 20.  
My birthday falls on March 23, and it's either 70 or 45 degrees, but there is still green popping up everywhere with a warm smell to the air.  Everyone's spirits are lifted as more strollers are being pushed about, more parks are being visited, and more sidewalk cafes are being sat.  There is such an attitude of pleasantness and hope over warmer weather being around the corner.  It for some reason makes us feel freer and more alive.


What I LOVE about March - 

The weather. Jeans, layering, and scarf wearing still happen without the threat of appendages falling off. 

There are more birthdays in March than I know what to do with.  I can count 20, no problem.  So Spring reminds me of NEW LIFE, REBIRTH, STARTING AGAIN.  Beautiful.

March Madness. College basketball at its best.  

Lent is always during March which is one of my favorite times of year - to get the chance to get back to what's really important and to live in a way that we are reminded of what's important. 

St. Patrick's Day.  I don't have a trace of Irish blood in my body but on this day, everyone becomes Irish, and I have enough Irish friends that I could pass for Irish because their excitement rubs off on all!

St. Joseph's Feast Day.  This is one of the best feast days to celebrate in March.  Patron of the universal Church and of fathers.  The selfless spouse of the Virgin Mary.  Foster father of Jesus.  There is no better example for any man.  

Here's hoping we all enjoy the beauty of Spring! 
Happy MARCH everyone!


  1. Awwe, when I see you have a new post up I sigh and smile because it is my happy time reading it. :) Never really thought about March like this, great post. Loved the pics!


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