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Saturday, March 2, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

Es viernes.  It's Friday.  Here's a look back at the week for Casa Williams -

1.) The Bishop Chatard Chatard-A-Bration was last weekend and even though we didn't have tickets, I ended up going as my sister-in-law Jessie's date, because Andy threw his back out.  It was a great girls' night out in the Alma mater gyms and even though we didn't bid on dinner with the president ;), we had a blast watching this:

The Hot Dog Eating Contest:

Dad and the principal getting ready to compete!

Pointing out that he can beat the Trojan Mascot because he doesn't have a mouth.

Saying, "Yea, I got this."

Ummm dad, you might have had a chance at beating Dr. Atha if you'd STOP TALKING!

And AJ got these!

2.) THE OSCARS!  Here were my favorite flattering yet modest get-ups from Sunday's Academy Awards.  I got Bill to watch them with me too -

Love that Adele always looks glamorous!  Her fake eyelashes have to be the best!

Sally Field's dress could be worn at any age!

Jenna Dewan-Tatum

Sandra in Ellie Saab - The best!

This makes Salma Hayek look taller, but she might be the only one who could pull this off! Looks great, though!

Stacy Kiebler looks stellar covered up.

And lastly, even though Jennifer Garner is strapless, she looks amazing, and is never trying to show off what her mama gave her.  Her jewelry was the best!

3.) My lovely grandma turned 85 last weekend and it was so nice to get together for her big day!  (She has 9 kids, 25 grand kids, and 10 great-grand kids so it's never a small gathering).

Addie hoping she gets her Pinky back from grandma Reva!

4.) I had my 6 month appointment this week.  Yep, we are getting there!  This little bug is measuring 1.5 weeks big, so we'll see when she greets the world!  

Maybe you all will be so kind as to not say anything about the double chins, messy bathroom counter, or ask, "How many weeks do you have now?" When I'm months away ;)

5.) We've got a VERY independent 13 and a half month old on our hands.  Addie Jo thinks the world is hers while on her feet, and other than walking in the street and eating snow, she pretty much has free reign... for now!


Ooooo cars

Heehee I'm pretty cool

Ummm where are we going?

This way!

I'm off!

Oh hi mom, I'm going to go eat some more snow now.

6.) There have been some pretty special birthdays around here lately.  Two of the nephews, Teagan and Ari, turned 4 and 6, and Fr. Jay Mello turned 8...  well, he's a leap year baby, so something like that.

Sahm boys headed for the leaves

Our wedding with Fr. Jay

   A much younger version of Fr. Jay and the Pope    

7.) Sede Vacante.  St. Peter's Chair is empty after Pope Benedict's resignation on Thursday.  During these next couple of weeks, we will be praying for the cardinals in the conclave who will decide the next pope.   **Sarah from another blog I read led me to this - Adopt a Cardinal Site - Go there and you will be given a computer generated choice for a Cardinal to pray for specifically during the conclave. What a great idea!

Joining Jen again, at conversiondiary.com.


  1. Aaaah! What a cute baby bump! Whenever you feel big, just remind yourself of how much bigger I would be :)

    1. Ummm I think I have you on this one. You definitely were never as chunky all over.
      Bill got into your cookies and had three last night (they were all pink, even), so should I send some for St. Pat's or maybe Easter... probably Easter since you gave up sweets, right?

  2. you are cracking me up with the pictures of your dad and your commentary. Half of the funniness might have to do with that I am sipping on Sangria as I read :).

    as always, loved your fashion thoughts. I loved Jennifer anniston in red too. loved adele, kiebler, and salma, as well. But I just did not like Sandra look, maybe it was just her hair or something. She looked matronly to me, but as you know I have no fashion sense, so that probably means she looked great!

    You look great, I like your hair. thanks for showing us a pic!

    Addie is so cute!!


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