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Friday, March 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

7 Quick Takes Friday linked to the lovely Jen - quicker than usual this week but still lots of AJ pics!  Happy Friday all! 

1.) We had brunch on Sunday with my high school friends and their kiddos.  Always fun to get together with Bridge, Court, and Con, just a little difficult to get the kids to sit still for photo opps.

Audrey - 3.5 yrs., Molly - 16.5 months, Addie - 14 months on Monday, Kyle - 2 yrs.

2.) Addie made a new friend at bath-time this week - Senor Rana (Mr. Frog) - and really had no idea it was a puppet.  Oh I love this age!

Ribbit, ribbit

3.) Yes, it snowed this week.  I know I raved about March weather here, but this is pretty unusual for Indy - and it's already melting for good... but at least we got to enjoy it with Addie one more time this winter. 

She loved her blow up sled!

Come on Dad, lets go see Mary AGAIN

Hi, Mary, let me get that...

Oh, some snow


4.)  ROAR!!!!

This is Addie's little lion roar face

5.) Play date at Babies and Bagels.

Excited to see Fiona, her 2 year old friend

6.) Addie visited Bill at work yesterday (we had a health screening) and she loved stomping around Carmax!

She got to drive a Porsche ;)

One handed

Driving like her dad, now!

Off to find another cool car

7.) Safe Haven.  Katie and Jessie and I went.  We didn't know it was a bit of a thriller, but it was still a Nicholas Sparks chick-flick none the less! 

7.5) Morning hair this morning! 

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  1. Sarah...she is too cute! What fun you have with her! : )


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