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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Wednesday!

(Yes, I'm alive and yes, I'm a slacker once again, but I'm going to use the preggo card while I still can ;).  I've got to milk it for all it's worth.  Not only do I not sleep well at this point, but Addie Jo has cut out her morning nap and only takes a short afternoon nap so there's not a lot of resting going on during the day, which means I'm pretty tired at night to blog!  Okay, I'll stop with the preggo excuses for now!)

Anyways, Happy Easter!  We had a great Easter weekend with Bill off on Saturday, cookie making, a couple Easter egg hunts, and some Spring weather!  Not only is Easter the most important celebration in our Faith, but it's also a very special time for Bill and me.

We will always remember Easter weekend 4 years ago because it was the first time he came out to visit me in Massachusetts.  I was living with my sister Katie at the time and on the floor beneath the Martin family.  Katie and I still laugh that Bill stuck around after having made him put sprinkles on the Easter cookies (which is by far the easiest part of the process).

We went to the Easter Vigil at St. Julie Billiart and he got to meet Fr. Jay, who later married us.  We also got to have Easter brunch with Phil and Colleen and their 4 kids at the time, which had such an amazing impact on Bill because he said it reminded him to really reflect on what's important in life. We will forever be in debt to their Catholic witness, and to the example of Katie and Fr. Jay's, as well.

Easter Vigil with a student who I was a Confirmation sponsor for (little did I know sweet sister Katie was drilling Bill in the pew about his intentions for me)
Dinner at Not Your Average Joe's with Fr. Jay and Katie

Katie and the Martin kids egg hunting

Andrew, Eamon, and John Paul Martin before brunch!

Easter morning, 2009, we both got each other sweatshirts for Easter.  Gosh we were young! 

Here's a look at what Easter 2013 was like -    


The Bishop Chatard Easter Egg Hunt -

Lining up with Ari
Got some! 


Meeting the Eater Bunny

Right before the tears

Recovering with Grandpa

Dance time with Dad

Easter Morning - He is risen!

Little Easter Bunny

Easter Morning with her new Jasmine and Aladin toys for her castle

Trying out the new figurines

The spread at Mom's!

Easter dress and bow - which was snuck in her hair!  Shhhh!

Found an egg by Mary

Check this big one out

Shake shake

An orange one!

Look what I found, Zeke! 

Red cheekers after the hunt

Oh the dress!

With dad

One more hunt at Great Grandma Reva's!
Duck Bunny
And FINALLY... Bath time! 


  1. Looks like a wonderful Easter...and your little one is precious!! Don't you just love Little People? Flynn plays with her castle for hours on end. And you go right ahead and use the pregnancy excuse!! It is the best one out there!

  2. OH my gosh - sweetest post ever! My kids look so young! We miss you all too much, so glad we are coming out in August! Happy 4 years to you and Bill :)

  3. Awwe, fun post! You can have all the excuses you need :).

    I can't believe she is not taking long naps. I would die! Way to hang in there.

    So cute to see the old pics.

    Love your moms table and all the pics of Addie.

    Love you guys!


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