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Sunday, April 28, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Happy Weekend, all!
There hasn't been too much excitement going on here lately but we seem to be busy nonetheless.  Here's the latest from Casa Williams -

1.) April = Super dad month!  Bill has become super dad this past month, literally pulling double duty at work and at home with me being so sick.  Grocery trip runs, baths, meals, etc. have all fallen on Bill and he's done an awesome job as Mr. Mom!  This is what happens when he sits down, though:

2.) Addie Jo has turned into a snuggle bug even more so recently - just like her dad.  She snuggles every stuffed animal she gets her hands on (well, she'll snuggle anything, really) and will sometimes just sit with her hand on us:

I got you, Dad.

3.) Hair status - Addie's hair continues to get longer, just not in the front, and we continue to sneak bows in the few long pieces that lay to the side.

Party in the back hairstyle!

4.) Spring flowers have arrived in our neighborhood and the colors popping up everywhere are spectacular! Here are some of Addie and my favorites:

Flowers from neighbors after being in hospital

5.) We've been planting a little bit over here, too.  Guess who'd rather keep the plants outside the ground to carry around?

Big helper

Here you go, mom

She likes to move them from one step to the other and back again
More help!

She could do this all day.  Does AJ not look like her dad? Think so.

Taking a break from plant hunting at Lowe's

6.) Since it's been in the 50s - 70s lately, we've been outside a lot.  AJ and I don't get very far on our walks but what we see is pretty exciting for a 15 month old!  


Look who met us at the pinwheels
Enlarged to show the grin on booboo's face

Starting to scowl because she thinks the cat is leaving

Yes a stray cat and Addie Jo are snuggling - mom of the year award - nope! 

Couldn't help snapping these - she's waving and saying hi

7.) And last but not least - Verily Magazine is "what's happening" this week!  Janet and the girls have the first print issue coming out, and to get the June/July issue, there's only two weeks left to subscribe... and it's only $22!  It's just so exciting and I can't wait to get my hard copy in the mail!  

Subscribe HERE!

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  1. Love the flowers, Sarah! And your little helper is a doll! : )

  2. That kitty is cute! Not as cute as Addie, but ya know. I think Bill and I suffer from the same affliction of falling asleep on the couch. I so get him. Poor guy!


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