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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Five Faves!

Joining Hallie for the first time in 5 Favorites!

The reason I haven't been blogging in over 3 weeks is because I've been sick sick.  I mean more than sick.  Cough/Flu/Pneumonia sick so badly that I didn't sleep more than two hours at a time over a ten day period and then spent three days in the hospital mid April to get some relief!  And the kicker is... I still have to lay low so pneumonia doesn't creep back up!  
And with about 7 weeks til we meet our little puff, there's too much to do to be on "modified" bed rest!

But I'm glad to be back both reading and posting blogs after the hiatus.  
Which leads me to my favorites -

1.) Blogging this year - it has really been such a great way to "journal" about what's going on in Casa Williams and I'm so glad to be in the blogosphere reading about such wonderful women and their family adventures.

2.) Being hospitalized.  Yes, I know, a weird favorite, but after getting to the hospital being hooked up to everything and getting meds and having this lil bug monitored, I FINALLY had SOME relief after being sick for so long!
Of course I'm still not 100% or back to normal, but just knowing that the antibiotics and breathing treatments were helping just lifted my heart while confined to the hospital bed!  haha

Someone came to visit me with her first happy meal in tow! 

On the hospital bed eating ketchup! 

Bill dressed her - hence the cute strawberry hair clip! 

3.) Babies in preppy clothes.  Cute?  Think so! 

Check me out, guys (shirt and skirt from Nana)

It's not easy pulling off this much preppy pink

New England popped collar

4.) Boston: One. of. the. best. cities. in. the. world.  Period.  
I loved getting to know Boston for 5 years and loved spending many weekends with my fun girls in this city.  I am so impressed by the spirit and strength this historic place has displayed this past week.  Just AWESOME.

Fav. morning coffee mug

Sahm sisters around the tree at Faneuil hall, Boston
Jingle Bell Run
Mexican in Harvard Square
At the Black Rose - a regular hang out for my Irish girls! 
Hanging after the Southy Parade - a Boston highlight! 

One of the many fun nights out in Boston - for Larkin's bachelorette back in the day

5.) Okay, enough reminiscing about life on the East Coast.  
My final fave today is... Spring planting!

Big helper

Happy Wednesday everyone! 


  1. Oh! I loved this, Sarah...well, minus the part about you being sick! Sorry about that...so glad you are finally on the mend and resting at home! Her first Happy Meal? Soooo cute...and this is why I love blogging too. Capturing all those wonderful moments that way too soon become memories.

    Prayers for health and sunshine!

    P.S. loving the precious hair clip! They try, those sweet hubbies, don't they? : )

  2. The first happy meal - so sweet! Boston misses you, Sarah!


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