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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tasteful Tuesdays

My first post all month so... I'll post about food (made and eaten back in March)!

This recipe was a hit with Bill, Addie, and my sister Katie and it was easy peasy!

Chicken Tacos!

Every time I get to use the crockpot, I'm all about it.  I need to use it more and am not sure why I don't; but I love it, especially when it's this easy!  This was my first time cooking chicken breasts in the crockpot - you should try it too!

Chicken Breasts and Salsa in the Crockpot for 2-3 hours (they cook quickly so  be careful, even on the low setting)
Cooked and cubed!
Salsa made in my fabulous Christmas present food processor!

Beans, Rice, Corn and Onion Mixture
Plated up in Quesadillas with the works! 

Katie's gluten free version without flour tortilla on the right.

A hit with Addie Jo


And there you have it!  Lots of happy eaters!


  1. Lol! I just posted a guacamole tasty tuesday!! I meant to link you, you know because it's your idea and all! I have missed your posts SO MUCH and want to come over and have this for dinner at your house!

    1. Yea! Every time I do a fresh mexican thing, I think of warm places like florida where you all are! On the beach, with a drink, and mangos and cilantro... haha can't help it!
      And I've loved reading your posts the past couple of days! I wasn't even in the blogosphere while being sick - pretty lame - but hope I'm back for good ;)

  2. I just linked you, so WATCH OUT for all the traffic you will get on your blog. That was a joke, of course!

    1. haha you are so funny! I think I have to actually blog once in awhile to get any traffic heehee. love you!

  3. Mexican and the SAHM sisters - that sounds about right!! Phil is going to kill me when I tell him you can make salsa in the food processor. I've been making him hand chop all these years!

    1. Haha well tell Phil that I usually do pico by hand but was reading that my food processor on the low setting still leaves it chunky! What does Phil put in? I mean you really can't go wrong with fresh salsa, right?
      Since this food processor method, I usually use:
      6 tomatoes
      1/2 large onion
      2 cloves garlic
      1 + lime
      1/4 green pepper
      1/2 a medium hot pepper
      lots of kosher salt
      1/2 bunch of cilantro
      and then sometimes whatever else is around!

      I will make lots this August!
      Mom and dad are so excited to have you all around. We will keep those 4 big kids of yours entertained!
      AND the state fair - one of the best in the country - is going on in August and Tuesdays are free so we'll definitely head down there!

  4. Love this! And I love my crockpot...love having dinner cooking away all day! And homemade salsa? Who knew? I thought Ortega was the only one out there! : )


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