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Sunday, May 12, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Joining Jen at conversiondiary.com this Mother's Day!

1.)  Bill and I finally got to meet our newest godchild, baby Gavin Mullvain, in Cincinnati; but instead of getting pics of that cutie, I only got these of Addie chasing after his big sister, Reese:

She loves playing with bigger kids! 

2.) Aunt Katie brought over a Minnie Mouse lawn chair this week and this is how Addie used it:

Watching Princess Sofia

3.)  Addie wishes she could stay outside all the time, and she thinks she rules the yard!  

Strolling past the tomatoes

Checking on the Irises

Helping with the trellace (sp?)

No need for help getting down these stones

Playing in the alley

4.)  Mother's Day weekend = Zoo visit!  
We always want to take advantage of our zoo pass as much as we can and are so grateful we can go for just an hour or two each time knowing we can keep using the pass throughout the year.  It was a great Saturday trip and I'm not sure if Addie or Bill had more fun! 




5.) One of our FAVORITE authors, Dr. Peter Kreeft, gave a talk in Indy that Bill and I were able to go to - thanks to mom babysitting AJ!  It was the first time we've been out on a "date night" in months and it was great!  Although I think Bill enjoyed Kreeft's philosophy on Catholicism in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings a little more than I did haha.  We both left thinking we could go to lectures every night... or be a student in one of his classes.  
I didn't want to wait in line to talk to him, so I snuck around the side to get a snap.  

One of my favorite books of his is - How To Win the Culture War - An awesome read! 

6.) So, going into the 9th month of pregnancy, my size, as Bill AND almost every stranger I walk past reminds me of, is comical.  Yes, I literally get stares, whispers, and even giggles because of my state.  I'll let you all join in the fun, too ;)

7.) Last but not least, AJ prefers to use a fork when she can! SOOOO old! 

I'm not sure how long it will take to teach her how to hold it correctly, though!

Happy Mother's Day all you fabulous moms!  


  1. I love her little heart hat! And you look fab.u.lous!! Enjoy this last month. : )

    1. Thanks! Yes, trying to enjoy it even though it's a little rough. Going to dr. every week now is crazy!!!

  2. You look GREAT!! Baby will be here so soon!

    1. You are to sweet, but you should see me in person haha! Hope you are doing well, especially chasing after Peter and Mary Francis, too! Prayers.

  3. How are you so pretty while pregnant with girls? I thought they were supposed to steal your beauty? Maybe that's just the mean girls. Happy Mom's Day!

    1. Ummm nice try haha. I usually am in stretchy pants and not only is my belly button stretched out to the max, but the sides keep getting wider and wider. Maybe that's what people are making the comments on!
      Hope you had a great Momma's day!


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