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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tasteful Tuesday (kind of)

Thai Night

Well, I like the idea of Thai food.  I love ordering Pad Thai, curry chicken, or anything with coconut milk when we splurge on Asian cuisine; and I always think, I should try to make Thai at home.  BUT after attempting it, I think I might just stick to letting the professionals handle it!  Here's how it went - 

I even cheated, and bought chicken that was already marinated from Trader Joe's! 

After sautéing the chicken in the sauce it came with, I cut it into small pieces then set it aside.  Next I grilled an onion before adding the chicken back in.

One yellow onion with butter and curry powder

Milk added 

More milk, dried hot pepper, and can of tomatoes (I didn't have tomato paste) into the chicken and onion mixture 

Rice noodles sitting in hot water

Rice noodles with cilantro

Stir fry veggies added

Let veggies cook and keep adding milk/coconut milk as needed.  Yes, it was lots of food for the two of us! 

Plated with cilantro and lime.  

Verdict - We ate it, but it was pretty spicy with so much of the dried pepper I tossed in.  Also, it might have been better to have skipped on the marinated Thai chicken and just used regular chicken in the sauce.  OR maybe we'll just skip making thai food altogether and look forward to ordering it!
Hope you all have had better luck with making Thai food! 


  1. Sarah...I am impressed that you tried it! Sorry it didn't work out as well as intended...but now you can always say " I gave it a shot!" And then go out to eat! : )

  2. Did I ever tell you the story about Thai food when I was pregnant? If not, I'll save it for Indy!


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