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Monday, May 27, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Joining Jen (a little late) this round for 7 Quick Takes at conversiondiary.com

1.) Some of you may know that I pride myself on all the ways I SAVE money, but last week, I scored a deal - A FREE SLIDE that I saw on the side of the road.  
Of course I was on my way to my sister's for bible study, when I saw a dirty plastic Fisher Price toddler slide waiting screaming for me to pick it up and give it a new home.  
The only thing was - I couldn't lift it up by myself and it was too tall to fit in the car.  So what was the solution?  Have the girls walk 6 blocks to pick it up and walk it back to Katie's.  Oh goodness, I think I owe them all one!  Now hoping that Addie uses it a little this summer.  

It was THEIR idea! 

2.) Mom and Dad opened the pool for those of us who have been asking and asking and asking :).  This is how much AJ liked the water last year - hope it's the same this summer!

Hanging with uncle Andy

3.) Addie loves Mary Poppins, especially the music!  When she's not sprawled out on the couch soaking it up, she's dancing like the penguins.  It never gets old.  I still need to get a video of that. 


4.) This never gets old:
Except when we can't transition her to the crib! 

5.) One of my dear friends, Bridget, had her little babe.  And by little, I'm talking 6.9 lbs.!  We laugh because this baby Williams still growing inside me could probably eat her for breakfast
This little Nora is such a doll!  And Addie likes her from far away.  Kind of.

Nora Young - So sweet! 

AJ not sure what to do but she's glad I'm not holding her! 

And here is our baby at 16 months haha

6.) One of the best things in our yard (with no effort on our part), is the peony explosion that happens for about a week in the spring!  This year, we only were able to enjoy them for a few days because they were so tall and heavy that most just fell over and are now lying on the ground.  But still, pretty cool!
Warning - Bill was a little snap happy with the camera! 

This is a serious photo shoot! 

"How's my profile, Dad?"

Winning shot! Bill was happy to get ONE out of 50! 

White peonies in front, light pink in middle (behind Addie Jo's head), and dark pink in back - we are grateful to the previous owner's planting! ;)

She would not look at the camera! 

"Dad, do we have to keep doing this?"

7.) And lastly, AJ Hair Update - Long enough for a ponytail?  Well, maybe just in back!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend to you and yours! 


  1. First, Mary Poppins and the penguin dance are the BEST. We have about 400 videos of our kids doing it.

    Also, not sure what kind of shape the slide is in, but we just inherited a Little Tykes playhouse that was in need of some love from the sun fading. We grabbed some Krylon Fusion spray paint and it looks beautiful in our yard rather than an eyesore! Just in case Bill was looking for a project before baby arrives :)

    1. Oooooo thanks for the spray paint tip! Heehee more projects for Bill would be great! ;)

  2. Love the pic of your sweetie in the pool!! : )

    1. Hoping she likes it as much this year - she's only been in it once so far but it should be hot enough this week to get in lots!


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