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Thursday, May 30, 2013


Joining Hallie again at Moxiewife.com this week for five favorites!

1.) Babies in diapers.  
Addie and Zeke doing the no pants dance on our porch. 

No pants?


2.) Kids' Sperry Top Siders!  
Quintessential New England Prep! 
Adult shoes in kids' sizes have to be one of my faves, especially when they cost $50 new and I find them used!  
These Sperry Top Siders were soooo cute, that even Bill made me my mom go back to Once Upon a Child and get them.  Yep, that means that Addie Jo is way cooler than either of us (but we already knew that).

3.) Tequila on sale.  
Yes, yes, I know that anything on sale I'm a fan of (hence #2), but having Tequila ready to make margaritas in a few weeks after this bug is born has to be one of the best summer splurges!
(Not sure when I'll switch to Skinny Girl Margaritas like Maz, who now also swears by Skinny Girl Cosmos, but for now, I'll have to stick with the cheap caloric ones.)  

4.) Porch time.  
Three seasons out of the year, our house actually feels a tad spacious and it's because we use the porch and back deck as living spaces as much as we can.  
A porch swing and iced tea?  Can't think of much better. 

We LOVE our front porch!

5.) Having family close by.  
My brother Andy and sister-in-law Jessie are remodeling demo-ing a historic house 9 blocks from us in the neighborhood.  We are so excited about it that sometimes we just show up to see how progress is going, but know we are really more of a distraction and just try to stay outside, which is still a distraction: More pics to follow, I'm sure.

Teagan pulling Addie and Zeke at the new house


  1. Love your front porch! Soooo cozy!

  2. Sarah.....Is this Andy and Jessie's new house next to Great Grammie's house on Delaware??? Could bet my life that it is.

    Love, Counsin Mary

  3. Yes! Haha I can't believe you remembered that! So close to school and they are so excited!

  4. Haha! You will have to try the skinny cosmo, but I know for a fact that your margarita's are simply the best!


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