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Friday, December 6, 2013

7 QUICK Takes Friday

I can't believe Thanksgiving was really JUST last week??!!  WHAT?! Crazy.
But as I was scanning through my phone pics, I remembered it really was last week when I saw this -

Bill's Thanksgiving leftover plate

Okay, so I wanted to post a QUICK, and I mean QUICK, Quick Takes this Friday because we are busy elves getting ready for our trip to Michigan next week and I don't have a lot of time.
So rapido, rapido, aqui vamos! 

This BUSY elf has cookie dough literally falling out of the fridge, ready to be rolled out for cookies!

Here's the latest from Casa Williams this past week:
(linking up with Jen per usual)

1.) Michigan lost a heartbreaker to Ohio State last weekend by one point.  This one wasn't too happy about it - 

And what better way for Bill to wallow in his sorrows than to eat BUCKEYES - 

Get it? Ohio State BUCKEYES!

2.)  Since it's Advent, AJ has really enjoyed doing the Advent Calendar every day this week.
This one is just the sweetest with bible passages behind each flap:

Made in Germany from Frankenmuth, MI - so sweet! 

3.) We put up our tree on Sunday and the girls are still really excited about the Christmas decorations to the point that Addie keeps rearranging the ornaments every chance she gets (especially when I'm not looking)! 

This one likes the ornaments too!

4.) We've really started to see the Christmas spirit come alive all around us - especially right here in our neighborhood -

This house is one we love to take the girls to, just a few blocks away.

A crane to put up lights?  This is typical in our hood :)

5.) We went to the library this week.  
Addie thought this little girl was there to play with her so she kept saying, "Hi," and doing whatever she did.  
The little girl didn't seem too annoyed - 

6.) We also went to Christmas at the Zoo this week because it was WARM on Wednesday night and we knew it would probably the warmest night of December, so we headed out to see the lights - 

Nonetheless, June June was still bundled up!

This is AJ dancing a jig!

7.) And lastly, we celebrated the Feast Day of St. Nick this morning with the "gift in the shoe tradition" when Addie woke up!  
This is what this blonde mop found (well, they are for Junie, too)- 

Rapunzel and Tiana

Testing them out in her Little People Castle.

Phew, that was a QUICK Quick Takes, wrapping up the first week of Advent.  

Happy SNOWY Weekend, friends! 

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  1. Little People Princesses = Love!

    Your Advent looks to be off to a great start, my friend.

    You are going to have such a wonderful Christmas with those two babies! : )


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