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Monday, December 16, 2013

The Glory Month

June's "Glory Month" 
(*knocking on wood over here, of course, and readers beware of my rambling!)

Some people refer to a certain time period as the glory years of their lives - the times when things just seem to go well and all is good and in order.

Well, since Junie turned 6 MONTHS last week, I feel like we must have turned a corner into the "glory days" of this little Bug's existence. 

The following characteristics are nothing new about our June Bug, but I've appreciated them more than ever recently:
She couldn't be any more kissable or squeezable - her squishy cheekies are hard not to smooch on (she's storing up and getting big before she crawls and burns it all off).  
She has quite the personality and doesn't want to miss a thing or be left out (sounds like her grandpa and cousin, Ari, to name a few ;)).  
She's a drool monster with her two bottom teeth and more coming in and frantically grabs everything to put in her mouth.  
She's mobile by scooching around on her belly - luckily no crawling yet!  
She smiles and laughs all the time with her shiny eyes and mouth agape.  
She has a great scowl and her eyebrows give her away as to what she's thinking! 
I mean she's really such a baby doll and the cutest thing! 
We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her, just as we do Addie, of course! 

You talkin' 'bout me?

A few weeks ago though (and tonight, unfortunately), I thought I was going to LOSE IT.  I mean really lose it. 

Bill and I have always talked about having a "bigger" family with kids close in age so they'd grow up together/be in school together; and we started having kids right away into marriage. 
But I have to admit, having a second one when AJ was 17 months old was initially shocking to our systems.  
My mom (who had 4 of us) and dear friend, Kristin (mom of 4) warned me of this - "Yes, the first one is a shock because it's new and your life will never be the same because you're a parent with much more responsibility; but the beginning with the 2nd one makes you feel like you really can't do or balance it all." 
It was/sometimes is harder than I ever could have imagined.  
(Funny that both of them have said that having more kids is a lot less shocking… haha).

I was needing some kind of break during the days and wasn't getting it because I just couldn't get the girls to nap at the same time (like today).  I really thought I was in crazy town.  I mean I was struggling to get enough rest, struggling to imagine having more kids, struggling to feel sane (well, that's a little dramatic, but you know what I mean), and on and on.  I was like, we only have 2 kids, what about those families with LOTS of kids or with with 4 kiddos under the age of 5, or families with multiples, etc.??!!  How do they do it?
 (And we have EASY babies compared to many others.)
How am I going to do this kept running through my mind!
And even though it's silly, it's easy to worry what other people think and say - oh you have it so easy - you only have two babies and you get to stay homewhat's so difficult about that?
How could I be complaining with my situation and these awesome, healthy girls?
Good question. 
I thought I was going a little crazy.

You still talkin' 'bout me?

But the last couple of weeks have allowed me to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  
It really is all in how I choose to see it - which is how most of life is, right?  
And I LOVE the life we've been blessed with, even when it's harder than I want to admit.  

June still doesn't nap well (if at all), but she's been sleeping through the night for months now for the most part, and if I just plan on not getting a break then the days don't seem so long ;).

* I also appreciated coming across this Letter to Moms of One Or Two Children.  Which was REALLY encouraging and HYSTERICAL and something I'll probably continue to read when I think I might be losing it from time to time.  
And this wonderful post, Why Most Families Have Two Children.  
Definitely both worth the read if you have the time! 

So I think I'll enjoy this "glory" month, or this week, or this hour, or whatever it is and remember it when things get a little tough again, which will probably be when we start potty training Addie Jo around the corner, or maybe tomorrow with my luck! ;)
Oh what a wonderful life!!!

Is this Bug a keeper or what?!


  1. I totally echo your mom and Kristin. I remember after Mary Frances was born J.J. and I just looking at each other both thinking "What the heck did we do?". I was a mess that whole year, and had to admit that "accepting children responsibly" for me looked like a little more space in between (if possible!), even when everyone else seemed to be handling kids one after the other with no trouble. And with 2 years between Mary France and James we're doing so much better! Mama needs to be well for everyone else to thrive - which is so hard to stop and force yourself to do. Hope we can cross paths with you guys while we're in Indy at Christmas!

    1. Oh my gosh, I always think of you and have no idea how you did it/do it!
      Yea, hope to see you next week!

  2. Three was my tipping point - so hard! Of course, they were 3,2, and newborn! But I promise, it gets easier!!!!!!!!!! And don't worry about having more kids and how you will deal with them. Just be a mother to the ones you have right in front of you, God doesn't hand out the grace until you NEED it. We just take it one baby at a time :)

    1. Oh gosh, don't tell me that! Haha.
      But thank you for telling me not to worry about what's ahead - so true!

  3. The cuteness of those babes!!!! : )

    You are one awesome mommy, my friend!


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