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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmastime in Michigan

We got back Sunday night from our December trip/Christmastime in Michigan with Bill's family and the girls just had such a great time.  
We did the first couple of days with Grandpa and Grandma Williams and the last couple of days with Nana.  It was so relaxing and nice to visit, and of course so fun to watch the girls have a blast!

At Grandma and Grandpa's house, we celebrated Christmas in the evening with a fabulous dinner, but first, Addie had to chase after this good looking thing:

Snowy, or NOWY without the S as AJ says

And then she had to play on the dragon:

And thought it'd be fun to make it a little more interesting:


Then it was time to celebrate!

And put on some dresses:

Showing off some teefers!
The pouffiest tule dress around, a great hand me down!

I call the paper, says June! 

Helping Junie

Now to open hers!

Grandma Peg with the cute tutus for the girls! 

Here are your cherries for your Manhattan, Grandpa.

Dinner time:

Check this out AJ - prime rib!

Then we hung out and played the next day:

And of course couldn't go long without putting on the tutus for awhile all day:

Thank you for a wonderful time, Grandpa and Grandma! 

And then onto Nana's:

Where the Disney characters who live there were waiting to be hugged - 

You get the idea...

Then it was morning - time to open presents, which Addie didn't even notice under the tree because she needed to give some hugs:

Thinking about it

Rocking the owl hat from Nana's trip to Ireland.

And a few minutes out in the snow:

Bath Time!

Thank you, Nana, for a wonderful time! 

And that's a Michigan trip WRAP-UP (from a snap happy mom):

Happy almost Christmas! 


  1. Fun fun fun, my friend!!!!
    Your girls are so adorable...
    This is going to be a fun Christmas for you guys! : )

  2. I love that owl hat! Your girls are so cute and full of happy smiles (just like their Mom!) I am kinda loving Bill's beard, but don't tell Phil that...I refuse to kiss him if he's not clean shaven - ouch!


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