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Saturday, January 18, 2014

7 Quick Takes - Birthdays and a Bug on the Loose!

Linking up with Conversiondiary.com on this cold, snowy weekend.

Here's some of what's been going on in Casa Williams the past two weeks:

1.) It's been so cold lately AND then the blizzard hit last week… so the girls and I were snowed in for 5 days… 
and I think I'm the only one I know who wasn't antsy to get out of the house (maybe it was the new Christmas toys that kept us busy???)… but I know a lot of people weren't as lucky to be able to enjoy all the snow with all the power outages and dangerous driving conditions everywhere!

-10 meant -35 wind chill! 

Inside again, mom?  Seriously?

 - BIRTHDAYS - We celebrated some special birthdays this past week!

2.) Our Addie Jo turned TWO on Saturday:

Here she is looking way older than her 2 years -

Where has the time gone?

And then of course dancing with her tutu on - 

AJ is excited about her newdress-up box items! 

3.) And then we celebrated aunt Katie's Birthday on Sunday with hooping it up in the gym at Bishop Chatard and then eating Mexican food at La Hacienda.

(Everyone's "big" gift to Katie is to help her set up a vegetable garden in her backyard this spring!)

Here are some pics from my sister Katie's bday celebration (Mom still goes all out for these things) - 

The 30s have always been a good number for you - so true!!!

This misleading shot makes it look like AJ's got skillz.  Emphasis on the look part. 

Birthday Girl!
Cupcake time.  Just doing what the boys are doing...

Grandpa setting up cone drills.

Oh, hi.

The chips at La Hacienda - Ahh, to die for! 
Basketball - What a fun idea!  Good one, mom! And happy bday, SKATE!

4.) Addie Jo has really gotten into COWGIRL stuff lately and walks around the house constantly saying,"Yeehaw." 
Mainly because of this - 

Bubble Guppies Cowgirl Parade.  Yes, these are fish with cowboy hats on.

Branching out from Disney people!

Even this bug gets excited when a Bubble Guppies' song comes on!

Every cowgirl needs a horse!
So she just borrows Rapunzel's horse, Maximus.

Or… her grandma! Who was nice enough to be her horse, too.
Hi, Jumie!

5.) Addie has also been dancing to an "Addie CD" she got from grandma for Christmas.  Every song starts off with, "Hey Addie…" and then tells her what to do.  
Here are some shots that show how much she's into it - 

Dancing to new music from grandma.

6.) MOVING onto the Bug, who by the way is MOVING.

AJ makes her wear this minion hat!

She pulled the tent over and is sitting in the window hole.

Hanging by her gums.

Visiting Addie in Time Out to head upstairs! 
Junie climbs up on everything and then falls to get down… oh Bug! 

7.) And then finally, I have to share our secret weapon to get our "Bug on the Loose" to stay put and actually sleep rather than stand up and chew on her bed throughout the night:

Carseat.  This is where June gets moved to at 4 am so we can all get some sleep! 

Stay Warm and Happy Weekend! 


  1. So much cuteness in this one, Sarah!
    Your girls...so CUTE! And I love the love and fun in your home. : )
    I am also loving the gift of helping with a garden... Love that idea!
    We are always happy to snuggle in when the weather is cold and snowy outside! : )

  2. Where did you get the minion hats? So fun!

    1. Haha my aunt Connie, who does a lot of craft fairs, I think she found a booth that makes them.
      Junie just likes whatever AJ does so she'll wear it ;)


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