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Sunday, January 26, 2014

7 Quick Takes

(Not sure why that's all in caps, maybe because these are really quick.)

Linking up with awesome Jen at conversiondiary.com per usual.

1.) It's been such a wintery winter to say the least.

With freezing wind chills and mounds of snow, and then freezing wind chills to more mounds of snow again, we haven't been up to much outside of the house.

And of course last week, I was all, "I'm not getting antsy being stuck in the house…"
Well, lets just say I'm singing a different tune going on week two.

At least it's still beautiful out!

We watched football last Sunday at mom and dad's hoping to get AJ out in this but she wasn't having any of it.

So we've been inside doing things like…

Pretend baking

Getting our first braids did. :)
And hanging out in Junie's favorite room, the bathroom.

2.)  One of my favorite events of the year was on Wednesday - the March for Life - something I always have loved going to.
Of course we were only there in spirit and prayer this year but I always tell Bill that one day we'll have to go with the girls (maybe as chaperones haha).

DC was coverend in snow but still had hundreds of thousands of marchers! 

And then I pulled up an old pic from a trip with students from 2008 -

And one of my fave pics from 2009 with Kate and Fr. Jay - gosh do we look young -

WE LOVE US SOME BABIES around here (EVEN the teething ones)!

Have you heard about the pregnant woman in the coma who's family is forcing the Texas hospital she's in to take her off life support and therefore kill her unborn baby?
Prayers for this sad story.

On a lighter note,

3.)  We are still into Cowgirls as much as Princesses this week.

All cowgirls love their horses! 

Ironically, Disney Junior came out with this show about a cat who is a sheriff in the Wild West (I mean really, do we need another reason to watch a show when I'm trying to cut back on TV? AHH! How does Disney know that AJ just became obsessed with all things vaquera/cowgirl?!)
Thank.you.very.much. makers of Sofia and Sheriff Callie.

Sheriff Callie and Sparky
Princess Cowgirl Addie
Doesn't want to take off her sombrero…
Except when Deputy June snags it.

Howdy partners.

4.) AJ is learning to type bang on the computer.  She's up to 0 words per minute, and is looking good in grandma's reading glasses.

5.)  The June Bug doesn't sit still much these days.  

So when she isn't rolling around in the tower tent…

She's doing this -

6.) You'd think being inside so much would be perfect for potting training this newly turned two year old.

But think again.

Yea, BooBoo she's saying here after ONE successful peepee.

Guess we just need to bite the bullet and hunker down and do the no pants dance for a few days; but I think we'll wait until she's SUPER interested.
At least we know she likes the jelly beans reward haha.

7.) And finally, I need to give a shout out to my blogger chicas -

First, to my beautiful and pregnant friend who is up for some Sheenazing Awards (These awards are named for Venerable Fulton J. Sheen - who was amazing when it came to using the newest forms of media to share Christ with the world.)

Go vote for Martin Family Moments here.

And Secondly, to my amazing friend, Kristin, who was in an awful car accident and had to have surgery on her wrist last week.

Go give her some love, poor thing!

Happy end of the weekend!
Peace out.


  1. Always love these, my friend!
    And those braids?!!

    The potty training? I'm in the "wait until she is ready" camp.
    That's what I did with Flynn and she did it on one, yes one, day. Of course, she was almost 4. ; )
    Have a good week, my friend!

  2. Oh the March for Life...Stang busses turned around because of the cold weather warnings. The kids were so disappointed. I still think of you and Katie exactly as you are in those pictures!! SUPERMODELS!! Xander is super interested in potty training right now, he will go pee and poop anytime we sit him on it. The problem is he doesn't know to hold it in between potty visits. This summer is when we have to really bunker down since he will be 3 in July and in preschool come September! Potty training with a newborn sounds like a whole lot of not fun.

  3. Thanks for the love :)!

    0 words per minute :)!

    Remember when we skipped bball for the March for Life?? So crazy we were :).


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